Saints Fund

The Saints Fund is our annual fundraiser to help offset the costs of educating our children at NDP. While tuition covers the necessities, including operating costs, teacher salaries, maintenance etc., the Saints Fund covers the extras. You may wonder, what exactly are the extras? Dollars raised for the Saints Fund are used for tuition assistance, campus beautification, House events, athletic costs, classroom updates, transportation needs, weekly professional development for teachers, a security fence, and the list goes on. As a non-profit, we are responsible for raising the money to offer our students the best education and high school experience in the Valley. We love our students and pride ourselves in helping form our students: mind, body, soul.

Throughout the year we promote the Saints Fund with giving challenges and fundraising events. On March 1, we are excited to host an 8-hour student run livestream event. Our NDP students have been working for months to create videos, write scripts and learn the behind-the-scenes skills to put on the broadcast in our new studio. We promise to always be good stewards of the money we raise and transparent about where your money goes. No gift is too small in providing the best possible educational and cocurricular experience for our students. We can continue to run NDP at the high caliber it is known to be today, with your donations for tomorrow.

We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts this year. For more information about giving opportunities through the Saints Fund, please contact Jenni Douglas at