Our Future in Focus: Vision 2030 is about strengthening all facets of the NDP experience to ensure that our students are prepared to compete and thrive beyond graduation. To do this, we are prepared to commit significant resources to advance our academic goals and campus facilities, which will allow students to set their sights on exploring passions and interests to their fullest potential through expanded experiential learning opportunities. 

This three-phase campaign strategically focuses on the future of our art, athletic and academic programs so our students learn and innovate in this ever-changing world, while maintaining compassion and love for their fellow human beings.

A charitable foundation has offered a $300,000 matching gift to the St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center Campaign. Help us meet the match and make YOUR gift go further. Let's make Vision 2030 a reality. Donate today!

It is with immense gratitude that we thank all the donors who helped make our dream to build a performing arts center on the Notre Dame Preparatory campus a reality.  We especially want to recognize our lead donors without whom this building would not be possible. The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center:

  • Pitre Family Foundation - Mrs. Dody Pitre
  • Anonymous Foundation
  • Chuck and Susan Huttinger
  • Tom and Juli LaPorte
  • Dean and Leslie Tuftin
  • Tom and Jodi Chermack
  • John and Christina Hatherly
  • John and Julie Bolton
  • Russ and Lori Scaramella
  • Dennis and Sheila Doherty
  • Barry and Rikki Chasse
  • Gene and Jill Nagel
  • Shane and Andrea Doan
  • Bob and Shannon Goldwater
  • Richard and Lynne Miller
  • Paul and Kathleen Ohanian
  • John and Marjorie DeMoss
  • Steve and Nicole Williamson
  • Alfred and Megan Hackbarth
  • Richard and Victoria York
  • Scott and Tiffany Lambrecht
  • David and Tina Curran
  • Bert and Leigh Anne Odinet

May God bless you all abundantly.  If you would like to contribute to the
Vision 2030 Campaign, St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center, please visit www.ndpsaints.org/campaign. For naming opportunities: Contact Lyric Naquin, Vice President of Advancement, 480-634-8226.

"Trust in God and believe that alone we will never be able to do something truly good."
- St. Catherine of Bologna, Patron Saint of the Arts

Campaign Priorities

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Jill Platt

Sydney Glenn 
Director of Advancement and Communications                           

Joel Boucher
Associate Director of Advancement

Heather Weurding
Assistant Director of Advancement for Special Events and Outreach

Mary Lou Lachvayder
Assistant Director of Enrollment, Seniors and Alumni

Patty Rivera
Assistant Director of On Campus Events

Gianna Hawk
Administrative Assistant to the President and Advancement