Scrip Store Gift Card Program

Here's How the Gift Card Program Works:

Earn rebates doing your everyday shopping utilizing gift cards for your purchases. You purchase gift cards at full price from the Scrip Store, a rebate is generated by the vendor (Sprouts, Fox Concepts, Starbucks, etc.), and put in a tuition rebate account for your student. 

For example:

You purchase a Fox Restaurant Concepts Card for $100. Fox offers a 20% rebate on the card equal to $20. $10 goes toward your student's tuition obligation and $10 goes to the NDP Tuition Assistance Program.

We track all rebate programs April 1 - March 31 and complete a report of your rebate earnings. Rebates are split 50/50 for gift cards purchased. 50% goes to the Tuition Assistance Fund and 50% goes to the student of your choice. A letter is sent to you via email which directs you to choose which student should receive the rebate. Rebates are then reported to Finance who credits your tuition account and/or the Tuition Assistance Fund for the following school year.

One day a year in October, we hold a "Scrip Appreciation Day" where you keep 100% of your rebates earned on that day when using the ShopWithScrip/RaiseRight and Scrip Store Gift Card programs. Our thanks to you for supporting the program!