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Welcome to Scrip! - NDP's Tuition Assistance Program

Participation in our various programs helps you reduce your tuition obligation while fundraising for the Tuition Assistance Program.

NDP Scrip Tuition Rebate Programs

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Everyone can participate in the Scrip Program; including extended family, neighbors, alumni, and friends. Tuition rebates must be designated to a current NDP student(s) or to the NDP Tuition Assistance Fund. 

Tuition Rebates earned are split 50/50 between a currently enrolled NDP student and the Tuition Assistance Fund. Graduating families will receive a rebate check in July upon graduation if account is paid in full.

In October each year, we hold a "Scrip Appreciation Day"  where you keep 100% of your rebates earned on that day when using the ShopWithScrip/RaiseRight program or the Scrip Store Gift Card progarm.  "You must be an active Scrip users to participate in Scrip Appreciation Day." Our thanks to you for supporting the program!


Scrip Store Hours

The Scrip Store will re-open in our new location - on Tuesday, November 3rd. The Scrip Store is located in the portable in front of the practice field. Parking is available in the baseball parking lot, masks are required.

Store Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays |  2:30-3:30pm
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Scrip News!

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  • New to Scrip? Want to lower YOUR tuition cost while supporting the NDP Tuition Assistance Program? Look over our programs to the left and pick the ones that best fits your lifestyle.
  • Thank you to all who participated in the NDP Scrip Customer Appreciation Day!  We will contact you for pick up as orders are completed.
  • MyScripWallet is now branded as RaiseRight. Download the app from the App Store and use your ShopWithScrip/Myscripwallet login information.  All personal information will transfer to the new app as well as your cards.
  • Need to get your ShopwithScrip/RaiseRight account going?  Email us with your student's name, graduation date and best contact phone number and we will get you started.

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