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Welcome to Scrip!
Participation in our various programs helps you reduce your tuition obligation while fundraising for the Tuition Assistance Program. Simply choose the programs that best fit our lifestyle. There is something for everyone.

When you use Scrip for everyday purchases, you earn rebates toward your tuition.  Those rebates are split 50/50 between your student and the Tuition Assistance Program. You can earn your rebate on your phone through a MyScripWallet, vendor programs or buying Scrip gift cards from our Scrip Store.

Here’s how the Gift card program works:

You purchase a gift card at the full price from the Scrip Store, a rebate is generated by the vendor (Sprouts, Fox, Home Depot, etc.). Fifty percent of the rebate is added to your student's tuition account for the next school year, and the other half goes to the Tuition Assistance Fund. Seniors get a check at the end of the fiscal year, or they can donate their entire rebate to the Tuition Assistance Fund. 

You purchase a Fox Restaurant Card for $100
Fox offers a 20% Rebate on that card equal to $20.
$10 goes toward your student’s tuition obligation and $10 goes to the NDP Tuition Assistance Program.

On Thursday, October 17, we will treat our loyal Scrip participants to a Scrip Appreciation Day! On this day 100% of your rebates earned through our Scrip Store and the Shopwithscrip.com/Myscripwallet.com sites will be credited to your tuition rebate. But, you MUST be a regular Scrip customer to earn the 100% rebate. Our thanks for supporting the program! See this flyer for all the details!

In November and December, we offer participation raffles for great gifts, leading up to the holidays!  

Anyone can participate in our Scrip Programs. Encourage your extended family, neighbors, alumni or friends to take part--it's for a great cause. Tuition rebates for those participating are simply designated to a current NDP student or to the NDP Tuition Assistance Fund.  

For instructions and more information on each program, click on the "Programs" tab under Scrip FAQs.


Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Wednesday 12:45 to 1:45 p.m.

Scrip Order Form

**Holiday and/or Special Events hours are posted on Social Media and in the NDP Newsletter

The Scrip Store is currently located in the Gym Lobby - Security Office. It will be there through October or until we get the temporary portables up and running, and begin construction on our new black box theater. 

Scrip FAQ's

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a 24/7, 365 days-a-year tuition fundraiser, simply done by managing your “everyday” purchases through participation in our various purchasing programs.


Scrip Program Links

Scrip Store Gift Card Program (Located on Campus in gym lobby concession stand), 1.5 to 20% Rebates
Shopwithscrip.com / Myscripwallet.com online gift card program, 1.5 to 20% Rebates
AJ's/Bashas' Reloadable Cards, 6% rebate
Fry's Community Rewards, rebate varies based on NDP-community participation
Tuft and Needle Mattress Program, 25% rebate
AmazonSmiles.com, .05% on all purchases

Questions: Email the Scrip Store.

Why Participate?

WE > me! Participation in our programs generates tuition rebates for your student and the NDP Tuition Assistance Program For every $1.00 rebate earned through the program you receive $.50 towards your tuition and $.50 goes to the NDP Tuition Assistance Fund. The more people who participate, the larger our rebates and the NDP Tuition Assistance Fund grows.

How Does Scrip Work?

How Scrip Works

Are you new to Scrip? Watch the video below on how it works. The difference between NDP and other non-profit organizations is that we split the proceeds with our parents to put toward their student's tuition in the form a year-end rebate.

What is MyScripWallet?

Where is The Scrip Store?

Right now the Scrip Store is located in the gym lobby security office. This is our temporary home until the portable buildings are complete in the 400 building parking lot. This relocation is due to the building of the blackbox theater.