Endowed Funds


While the Saints’ Fund will always be Notre Dame Prep’s priority, it is important to be aspirational about our long-term fiscal security. Our major giving program is responsible for building our endowment and raising funds for capital projects to ensure our students are in classroom environments appropriate for 21st century learning.  

What is an endowment?

  • An endowment is a perpetual fund that will permanently generate income for Notre Dame Prep. The principal amount is invested and never spent down. It continues to grow while approximately 4% of earnings each year are distributed for charitable purposes.

Why make an endowed gift?

  • When you make an endowed gift, you create a steady stream of annual income to support NDP. Your gift will be maintained in perpetuity and make a lasting, meaningful impact on the academic programs and support faith formation for generations to come.

What is Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is about strengthening all facets of the NDP experience to ensure that our students are prepared to compete and thrive beyond graduation. To do this, we are prepared to commit significant resources to advance our academic goals and campus facilities, which will allow students to set their sights on exploring passions and interests to their fullest potential through expanded experiential learning opportunities. 

This three-phase campaign strategically focuses on the future of our art, athletic and academic programs so our students learn and innovate in this ever-changing world, while maintaining compassion and love for their fellow human beings.

Phase I, the Saint Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center, is currently under construction. The 20,000-plus square foot facility, designed by HDA Architects, will house a flexible Blackbox theater and additional classroom space. It will have a tremendous impact on the entire student experience and will provide the NDP community with the following opportunities:

  • Academic space to support theater, instrumental, choral, and digital video programs
  • Expansion of the performing arts curriculum to include theater tech and stage design
  • Gathering space for large community events, including Mass, Christian service activities, lectures, parent gatherings and House meetings

For more information about our endowment fund, please contact Jill Platt
President, 480-634-8211.

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Director of Advancement and Communications                           

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