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Stadium Seat FAQs

Introducing the NDP Seat Adoption Program

Leave a lasting memory to commemorate your time here at NDP by adopting a seat in our stadium at Bemis Field. This plaque will remain in our stadium so that generations of Saints will know that you were once a Saint just like them.

What is a Seat Adoption?

A seat adoption is a way for you to memorialize your involvement and support of NDP. When you adopt a seat, we include a commemorative plaque recognizing you, your child, your business or grandparents. This is NOT A RESERVED SEAT, or a license, but rather a memorial to forever recognize the person or business engraved on the plaque. 

When Can I Adopt a Seat and How Do I Pay For It?

You can adopt a stadium seat anytime you wish! Simply click here and select the number of seats and tell us what you would like engraved on the plaque. You can pay for it using a credit card. 

How Many Seat Are Available?

There are about 300 seats available to choose from in Bemis stadium and 22 in the baseball stadium. 

How Long Will My Name Be On the Seat I Adopt?

The name you choose for the seat will remain for the life of the seat.

Can I Buy More Than One Seat?

Absolutely! Some people people buy one for each family member with NDP graduation year, while other buy one to memorialize a departed family member who LOVED the Saints! There is no limit, however, you can only buy four at a time. 

Do I Get to Sit in the Seat I Adopt?

If you get to the event early, you can certainly sit in your adopted seat. Just remember that our sporting events and graduation are general admission/open seating and seating is first come, first served. 

Is There Any Chance My Seat Could Change?

A member of our staff will select your seat for adoption and once the plaque is installed, it will remain your adopted seat for the life of the seat. Seat adoptions are first come, first served and adoptions are timestamped to ensure fairness. 

Contact Information:

NDP Advancement Department
Sydney Glenn, 480-634-8224 or