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Tax Credit - Catholic Education Arizona

Give the gift of education at no cost to you. Twenty-Five percent of Notre Dame Preparatory students qualify for financial assistance - your tax dollars can help.
If you pay Arizona taxes, we ask you to please redirect your state tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona. You will receive 100 percent of your contribution back when you file your tax return. Tax credit contributions are also eligible for a federal charitable tax deduction.

Married tax payers can redirect any amount up to $2,134 and single tax payers can redirect any amount up to $1,067. You can redirect your Arizona state taxes in support of Notre Dame Preparatory students onlineor by calling 602.218.6542. Remember to designate Notre Dame Preparatory High School as your school choice (Code 213).

For questions about the tuition tax credit, please contact Lyric Naquin, Director of Advancement at


What is the deadline to contribute to the tuition tax credit?

You can make your contribution any time up until April 15th of each year. Please be mindful that in order to receive both your dollar-for-dollar state credit and federal deduction in the same tax year, you must make your contribution by December 31st. If you participate after December 31st, your federal deduction will roll forward to the following tax year.

Can I split my tax credit dollars between two schools?

Yes! If you prefer, you can split your contribution between Notre Dame Preparatory and another school in the Diocese. The physical or online contribution form will walk you through the very simple process.

Who is eligible to take the tax credit?

If you are an Arizona taxpayer, you are eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you redirect your state tax dollars to Notre Dame Prep students through the tuition tax credit. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and employers are encouraged to participate.

How can my student(s) apply for financial assistance from Catholic Education Arizona?

Parents must complete an online application through FAIR (Financial Aid Independent Review), a third-party company who evaluates the needs of each family based on the family's income and assets. Please click here to complete the online application. Round one applications open on February 1st are due by April 15th each year. Round two applications are due by August 15th of each year.

How do I determine what my tax liability is?

Review your state tax return from last year and take a look at line51 on your AZ140. That is where you will see your actual tax liability listed. If your income has not changed drastically, this will give you an idea of your state tax liability you can expect for the current year. You may also want to check with your tax advisor.

Where do I get the tax forms needed to claim the credit?

The department of revenue will post Arizona Forms 301, 323 and 328 in the fall leading up to tax season. The forms are also built into most online filing system as well as most CPA’s software. Make sure to reference or provide to your tax preparer the receipt received by Catholic Education Arizona in January.

Can I take advantage of both the public and private school tax credits?

Yes. A married couple filing joint can donate a maximum of $2,134 to a private school, and a maximum of $400 to a public school per year. Single and head of household taxpayers can donate a maximum of $1,067 to a private school and a maximum of $200 to a public school. And, in fact, there are many other tax credits you can take advantage of such as the charitable tax credit, foster care tax credit and others. You can stack multiple credits together to equal your total tax liability.


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Director of Advancement

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Director of Capital Campaigns and Major Gifts

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