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Office of The Deans

At NDP, we empower all students to discover, pursue and achieve personal, spiritual and educational goals. The Dean of Students strives to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students through the implementation of school health and safety policies. We are a drug-free and weapon-free campus.

Our dean and security personnel are here to ensure our students and all people on our campus are safe and secure. Our dean and counselors are also available to address behavioral and academic issues with the singular goal to keep our students thriving and becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Dean of Women - Mrs. Kathleen Lloyd
(480) 634-8228

Dean of Men - Mr. Matt Taylor
(480) 634-8229

Read our attendance policy and student/parent handbook. Parents and students will receive the handbook and DocUSign via email by July 25. You must sign the handbook to complete your enrollment for Notre Dame Preparatory and receive your final course schedule.  The deadline for completing your signature will be August 7, 2024.


Student/Parent Handbook

Reverence, Respect and Responsibility are the guiding pillars at Notre Dame Prep. To help our students understand what is expected of them and what it means to be a Saint, we have our school policies printed in the Student/Parent Handbook. All these policies are designed to maintain modesty, preserve dignity, produce excellence and keep our community safe.

All current NDP students and parents MUST read the handbook and then sign the Compact Agreements through DocuSign. Only those who have signed the handbook and agreement will receive their course schedule. 

Note: Be sure to make Notre Dame Prep a safe contact in your email account so that our important emails are not delivered to your SPAM or junk folders.

2024-25 Student-Parent Handbook

If you have any questions regarding the handbook, please contact one of our deans at


Sweep Reminders!

Anytime a student is tardy to their first period class of the day, they will be sent to the SWEEP ROOM located in the Cafe. The SWEEP room policies are as follows: 

  • Late arrivals under 20 minutes will be counted as a tardy.  The student must stay in the SWEEP room for the first 20 minutes of class.  At 8:20am (after 20 minutes), they will be given a pass from the Sweep monitor and sent to class.  Any work missed during those 20 minutes will not be allowed to be made up.   
  • Late arrivals after 8:20am will be counted as an absence.  The student will be required to stay in the SWEEP room for the remainder of that period. At the end of the period, they will be released to attend their next class, Mass, or break. Any work missed during the period will not be allowed to be made up.   
  • If a doctor’s note is physically provided to Attendance upon a late arrival, the student will be sent to class right away class with a pass (if a student is late without a note, they will be sent to Sweep).

Policies for Leaving School Early:
If a student is leaving school early (e.g. doctor's appointment), a parent must fill out the Attendance Form online (see under Quick Links then Attendance). The Attendance office will provide a pass for your student, which will be given the to them prior to leaving. They must have a pass from this office in order to leave campus. If they do not receive a pass, they must come to the attendance office to confirm their early dismissal and get a pass. 

Important Information from Our Dean's Office