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Notre Dame High School's policy for student technology requires students to provide their own laptop as their primary education device. A full-featured laptop in the classroom environment has shown distinct advantages over the use of tablets and provides students with a greater degree of academic opportunity and productivity.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program requires new students to have either an Apple MacBook or Windows 10 laptop which meets or exceeds the minimum specifications described below. Students are required to have devices on the first day of classes, and must bring their laptops to school each day. This policy is also similar to what students will experience in their future collegiate endeavors. Many colleges and universities impress a technological independence on their students and allow them to use whatever device they feel is appropriate for their needs.

 Things Parents Should Know:

1. Any Apple MacBook or Windows 10 laptop which meets the minimum specifications listed in this document, and is less than 2 years old, will be compliant. Apple and Microsoft Education Purchasing Portals will be available if a device purchase is needed

2. New students will not be able to use an iPad as their primary device but may also bring an iPad to school along with their laptop as a companion device.

3. Current NDP students who are using NDP provided iPads are not required to comply with this new BYOD policy. However current students who have laptops that meet the minimum specifications are encouraged to bring their laptop to class along with their NDP issued iPad.

Student Support

Notre Dame Prep has a dedicated Information Technology department that will be available to help troubleshoot any BYOD problem ranging from account access issues to problems with a laptop not booting up properly. If the device requires advanced level or hardware specific support however, you will have to directly contact the device manufacturer. NDP is situated within a short 20 minute drive from Apple and

Microsoft retail stores where trained personnel can offer assistance beyond what NDP can provide. If a device needs repairs and will not be available to use for a few days, NDP can provide a loaner device (based on availability) to ensure your student can continue to do their coursework in a timely fashion.

Parent Support

NDP parents may reach out to the technology department for assistance with their student's technology needs. If you have specific questions or concerns about the BYOD policy, which device to purchase or anything else, please send an email to

The technology department will also host "Parent Technology Events" where NDP parents can come in and speak directly to the NDP technology department. Parents will be notified of these technology events via the NDP newsletter and through the NDP calendar notifications.

Device Management and Restrictions

NDP utilizes network security restrictions to prevent students from accessing unsavory web content while they are on campus. These network restrictions do not follow the students devices off-campus. If there any questions about network security on campus, please speak with the IT Department, or email

Minimum Device Specifications & Recommendations

In order to provide a positive student experience in the classrooms, NOP has created a list of minimum device requirements and device restrictions. A student may use an existing laptop for their coursework as long as it meets these minimum device specifications and is less than 2 years old. However, you will need to identify the exact specifications of existing devices in order to know for sure. Please visit these websites to help you determine if your Apple or Windows 10 device meets the minimum requirements.

Identify Your Apple Laptop Specifications -
Identify Your Windows 10 Laptop Specifications

Operating System: Apple OS X 10.14 or later. Microsoft Windows 10

  • Processor: Intel Core i3, 15 or Intel Core i7 or AMO Equivalent CPU.
  • RAM: 8 Gigabytes or More
  • Storage: 128 Gigabytes or More
  • Apple & Microsoft Purchasing Portals

NDP has partnered with Apple and Microsoft to provide parents with dedicated purchasing portals in order to take some of the confusion out of choosing the right device for your student's academic needs. If your student does not already have a laptop which meets the minimum specifications, you can utilize these links and receive automatic education discounts and recommended accessories. NDP does not recommend one brand over the other. Apple and Microsoft devices will work equally well in the NDP classroom environment.

Windows 10

Apple Purchasing Portal Microsoft Purchasing Portal

Drop or Damage Warranty Recommendation

Apple and Microsoft both offer extended warranty options with their products called AppleCare+ (3-Year Coverage) and Microsoft Complete (3 or 4-Year Coverage) respectively. Visit the links for each service to see more details and restrictions. NDP recommends the purchase of these extended warranty coverages.

**Neither of these additional warranties cover lost or stolen devices.** Notre Dame Preparatory High School I


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