Parking Permits

The student parking permits for the 2021-22 school year are now available for purchase.

There are two steps that must be completed in order to receive your parking permit. Once you complete both steps, please see Mrs. Jean and she will assign your parking spot and give you your parking permit. 

STEP 1: To purchase a parking permit login to your Smart Tuition account and complete the following steps:

  • Login to Smart Tuition parent portal (
  • Make sure you are in the 2021-22 school session
  • Click on "Purchase Optional Items"
  • Select your student
  • Click on "Go"
  • Scroll down and select either Parking Year-Carpool or Parking Year-Individual
    • 2021-22 Full-Year Parking Carpool Price = $75
    • 2021-22 Full-Year Parking Individual Price = $125
    • 2021-22 Half-Year = $60.00
    • Click the "Save" button
    • Acknowledge the agreements
  • Finish the payment section to complete the transaction

STEP 2Please fill out the form below and then submit payment through Smart Tuition.

Additional Information:

  • Students must show their driver's license when they pick up their parking permit
  • Students may purchase a permit before getting their driver's license, but will be required to provide their ID when picking up the permit
  • Student will receive notification as soon as the process is completed.

We want to make our campus a safe and secure place for your sons and daughters, so the parking lots are locked during school hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance with parking permits, please contact Mrs. Jean, in the COMM at 480-634-8388. For questions regarding SmartTuition, contact Olivia McEachen in the Finance Office at 480-634-8279.

Register Your Vehicle Here


Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Grade Levelrequired
Are You Driving A Carpool?required
First Name, Last Name and Grade Level
How Many Different Cars Might You Use?required
Manufacturer i.e. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota
Fiesta, Impala, Tundra,
2012, White
Manufacturer i.e. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota
Fiesta, Impala, Tundra
2012, White
Manufacturer i.e. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota
Fiesta, Impala, Tundra
2012, White
After you submit your vehicle registration form, please go to Smart Tuition to purchase your parking permit. 
*Permits will available for pick up on August 9 and 10 in the COMM.
*Seniors who paid to paint a custom parking spot will receive their parking permits on the day they paint their spots.

Brian Gruber
Dean of Men

Kimberly Viliborghi
Dean of Women

Campus Security
For assistance call