Health Office

Important information from the Student Health Office


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Arizona state law mandates that all students enrolled in any school must provide documentation of all required immunizations before the student is allowed on campus. See the Guide to Arizona Immunizations Required for School Entry.

Students who cannot provide this information are required to have a signed Exemption Form on file. 


A physical exam performed and signed by a licensed health care provider is mandatory for ALL students new to the school. Students may not participate in any sports-related activities (PE class, dance class, yoga or pilates) unless there is a physical exam valid within the past year. Student athletes participating in an AIA sport are required to have a physical exam performed AFTER March 1 of the coming school year. All student athletes and PE students must enroll in Family ID, and complete the Athletic Clearance Packet. All pages of the Athletic Clearance Packet must be uploaded to Family ID


The nurse is not permitted to administer any medication to students without written authorization from the parent/guardian. This includes acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Tums, cough drops and antibiotic creams. Diocese policy prohibits the nurse from providing or dispensing any medications without written permission from the student's parent or guardian. Medications must be brought to the Health Office in the original sealed and labeled container. All medication must be accompanied by a signed Medication Form in order for medication of any kind to be administered by Health Office personnel. A new form must be completed and signed each school year.


Any student who feels the need the visit the Health Office for any reason, must obtain a written pass from their teacher. If it is deemed necessary for the student to be dismissed from school for health reasons, arrangements must be made through the Health Office. NO student will be released without parent/guardian permission. The following conditions warrant a student being dismissed: vomiting, fever over 100-degrees, rash of unknown origin, undiagnosed pink eye, or injuries requiring more extensive evaluation. 


Parents of students with pre-existing health conditions must contact the Health Office to inform the staff of specific action plans. An Inhaler Self-Carry Release or Epipen Self-Carry Release form must be on file before the start of school. Any other conditions such as diabetes, asthma (requiring a nebulizer treatment), or any other special health needs must be discussed with the nurse in the Health Office before the start of school or when the condition is diagnosed. 

For questions about health concerns and action plans, please call (480) 634-8255 or email