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If your student will be absent, require a late arrival or require an early release, please fill out and submit the ATTENDANCE FORM.

If you have questions:
Cindi Buckner - (480) 634-8207
FAX – (480) 634-8299 

Students may NOT complete the Attendance Form. It must be completed by a guardian or parent, no matter if the student is 18 years old.

If a student is absent due to a medical reason, parents have 48 hours to turn in the doctor's note. Filling out the attendance form does NOT excuse your student, it just informs us that they will not be at school that day. 

If your student needs to leave school early or will be arriving late to school for any reason:

  1. The Attendance Form must be submitted as soon as possible. For safety and security purposes. Students will not be permitted to leave their class otherwise.
  2. If the student needs to leave for a medical reason, he/she must provide a medical note to school upon return from his/her doctor/dentist on the doctor’s letterhead. This can be an email or scan from the doctor's office. Until a note is provided, the absence will not be medically excused.
  3. If anyone other than a parent or guardian is picking up a student from school early, the school must have that person listed as an emergency contact or written permission from the parent or guardian for another person to pick up their child, even if the other person is a relative.
  4. Students may not leave school early with other students, other students’ parents, or anyone else without written permission from a student’s parent or guardian.
  5. If students are ill, they should go to the nurse.  Students should not call their parents to come to school and pick them up; only the nurse is permitted to do that.  Please do NOT fill out the attendance form when your student becomes ill at school. If they call you, please tell them to come to the nurse's office.

For more information on attendance, please see the NDP Student/Parent Handbook.


If you know ahead of time your student will miss school for any reason, parents must fill out the Attendance Form and submit it at least two school days prior to the student’s absence. 


Juniors and seniors are allowed two (2) college/university visits per year without impacting their attendance record. Students are required to fill out the college visit form prior to their scheduled visit. Students are responsible for all class assignments. The form must be signed by college officials, and turned into the Attendance Office 48 hours after to the college visit.

We offer on-campus visits with collegiate admissions personnel from hundreds of colleges and universities each year. All students are welcome to attend an unlimited number of these on-campus visits, organized by our counseling department, without impacting their attendance record.