New Student Leaders Elected for Next Year

The student leaders for next year have been selected and were announced at an all-school assembly held Friday, May 13 in the gym. Congratulations to all our new student leaders:

2022-23 House Servant Leaders:

  • St. Blaise will be Hailey Dorsch, Colson Hoy, and Olivia Savord.  
  • St. Francis will be Sami Harrod, Connor White, and Claire Halabu.  
  • St. George will be Payton Riggins, Jack DeChant, and Lucia Wallen.  
  • St. Ignatius will be Ella Lahr, Wyatt Pierson, and Sydney Golden.  
  • St. Max will be Taylor Lammot, Ellia Issac, and Ava Fulbright.  
  • St. Michael will be Sara Evans, Dylan Robertson, and Chloe Grindall.  
  • St. Patrick will be Spencer Gallagher-Vishney, Luca Minarich, and Lara Valesquez.  
  • St. Teresa will be Rylee Kilgore, Carly Resnick, and Bryce Barkmeyer.

The following is a list of our 2022-23 Dog Pound Student Council members:

Sophomore class:  

  • President: Lauren Bohn  
  • Vice-President: Colton Holling  
  • Communications: Doug Hesseltine  
  • Spirit: Sophia DiBonaventura  

Junior class:  

  • President: Reagan Roberts  
  • Vice-President: Wesley Roduin  
  • Communications: Luciana Gilbert 
  • Spirit: Katelyn Wise 
  • Prom: Gianna Reynoso

Senior class:  

  • President: Gracey Lambrecht  
  • Vice-President: Sophia Rowan  
  • Communications: Annie Doherty  
  • Spirit: Jessie Knapp  

2022-23 Dog Pound Executive Council:  

  • Presidents: Catherine Pipitone and Jake Smoley  
  • Vice-President: Mitch Jones  
  • Communications: Nick Stafford  
  • Spirit: Ally Alessio 

The freshman class representatives will be chosen in the fall. All students listed above and those wanting to take on a leadership role for 2022-23 (incoming freshmen included) are invited to attend our Summer Leadership Camp which will take place July 26-28, 2022, to register, click here.