NDP To Welcome Its 4th Chaplain; Fr. Clement Attah

Notre Dame Prep is happy to welcome Fr. Clement Attah as the fourth school Chaplain in school history. Fr. Clement is continuing the legacy of leading students to Jesus Christ that began with Fr. Michael Goodyear, Fr. John Parks and most recently, Fr. Kurt Perera.  

“Fr. Kurt is a good friend of mine, and he has a way of relating to kids and connecting with them very well,” Fr. Clement said. “He has given me good advice and encourages me to just be myself.” 

When meeting Fr. Clement, there is no mistaking the joy that radiates from his infectious smile and cheerful laughter. He is full of love for Christ and for the people he serves as a priest.  

“I am excited to start my job at Notre Dame Prep and meeting the young people who are so full of dreams and visions for their lives,” he said. “I know what it was like being a teenager with all the challenges and obstacles of being young. I had good influences in my life who helped me, and I want to help the students at Notre Dame Prep.” 

Fr. Clement’s desire is to be like a big brother to our students and share in their joys and struggles as they move through high school. He is passionate about soccer and fully intends to be present at NDP soccer training sessions and games. “I will be their number one fan!” he said. 

Hailing from Benue State in the north-central part of Nigeria in the town of Makurdi, Fr. Clement, who has nine siblings, is a priest of the Via Christi Society. He trained at St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Makurdi and at the National Missionary Seminary of St. Paul in Gwagwalada, Abuja. He was ordained as a Deacon in 2009 and in 2010 he was ordained a priest. 

Two years after his ordination, Fr. Clement contemplated about his life as a Christian and started putting his thoughts in writing. He was encouraged to put his writings, an analysis of The Lord’s Prayer, into a book called Thy Kingdom Come. “The Gospel comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable,” said Sr. Mary Esther Stewart. “Fr. Clement challenges us to move out of our comfort zone with his book,” she wrote.  

“I want to share my story with the NDP community and let the young people know that life is worth living and it is better when we have God in your life,” the chaplain said. “I hope that I can show the students that life can be beautiful if lived with simplicity.” 

His priorities are to lift our students up in prayer to God and to be their friend. “I want to help them be happy and live a life of gratitude. I know that God will give them what they need,” Fr. Clement said. 

Dcn. Carmene Carbone, who has been employed as an engineering and STEM teacher and deacon at NDP since 2005 will assist Fr. Clement with his duties this year because the chaplain will only be on campus two days a week. Fr. Phil Evanstock and Fr. John Nahrgang will also assist to ensure that Mass is offered every day on campus.  

When he is not working or playing soccer, Fr. Clement enjoys meditation, ping pong, music, reading and volleyball.