NDP Puts Students First in Mitigation Plan

With the start of school comes an abundance of information and policies especially in the time of COVID.  At NDP we take a measured approach to keeping our students, faculty and staff safe. Our plan requires thought, prayer and personal responsibility on the part of all in our community. 

Click here to watch a special message about our health and safety policy from Dr. Sweeney. 

Below is a quick list of our COVID mitigation policies for this year. You can find more details on our Health and Safety page. If things change, our administration will announce all changes to this policy immediately. Click here to see our Covid Mitigation Tiers and potential changes.

We are currently in Tier Two, (see our COVID dashboard) meaning: 

  1. Classes will all be in person. 
  2. Masks  are optional but are no longer required in classrooms or outside on campus. (We ask that everyone please be respectful of individual decisions to wear or not wear a mask, and we will work with you to reasonably accommodate your individual concerns). 
  3. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to check for symptoms before leaving their homes for school or work.  
  4. If you are sick, we request that you please stay home.
  5. If your student contracts COVID-19, we ask that parents complete the attendance form and then email covidresponse@ndpsaints.org, and that you follow the ten-day quarantine health guideline for return to school. Note: If unvaccinated students want to test out of the ten-day quarantine period, they may come back on day eight with a negative COVID-19 test instead of coming back on day eleven.
  6. We will have classroom seating plans and will contact trace in the same way as we have done in the past. 
  7. If students provide proof of vaccination, they will not be required to quarantine if identified as a close contact. 
  8. We ask that you please consider vaccination as, according to medical professionals who consult with the school, it is our only way out of this.
  9. There will be no synchronous online learning at the present time; however, teachers may record the teacher-directed portions of their classes for absent students to view asynchronously after school.
  10. Appropriate social distancing will be observed. 
  11. We will follow AIA guidance for athletic activities and determine how spectators will be handled considering that guidance (distancing, masking/not masking, maximum capacity).
  12. For other extracurricular activities, proper mitigation will be implemented for each activity.  
  13. For overnight field trips (including retreats), proper mitigation will be implemented as well as COVID-19 testing for all of those ALL STUDENTS regardless of vaccine status prior to the trip.  
  14. All students must wear masks while traveling on one of our school busses. 
  15. Quarantined students only will have the option to watch their classes live as an online observer in Microsoft Teams or continue to watch the instructional video of their classes after school. Learn how here.