Teens Run to Raise Awareness to Teen Mental Health Issues


happy girls running

Notre Dame Prep hosted the First Annual Saints 5K and Virtual 5K on Saturday, March 20 to help raise awareness for teen mental health issues, especially as they relate to the pandemic. 

More than 150 NDP students gathered at the school, in masks and abiding by social distance guidelines to run the 3.2-mile fun run around campus. 

The event raised more than $7,000 that was given to notMykid to expand their teen empowerment programs called amplif[i]. "We are so grateful to Notre Dame Prep for putting on this event," said Shane Watson, communications officer at notMykid. "No one hesitates to talk about their broken leg, but teens are so hesitant to talk about depression, anxiety or other serious mental health issues. And talking about it is very important." 

The pandemic has caused teen anxiety to increase due to being isolated or feelings of falling behind in school. "The struggle is real," said NDP President/Principal Jill Platt. "This event gave our students the power to help and the opportunity to have some fun in the process. I would say that was a success in itself."

notMYkid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides children and families with truly lifesaving programs, support, resources, and education. NDP has invited notMYkid to hold seminars for both teens and parents over the past two years to help families make healthy choices.