BLESSED WITH THE BEST: Deacon Carmene Carbone

Deacon Carmene Carbone has worked at Notre Dame Prep for almost two decades. While so much has changed, one thing has not, Deacon Carbone’s desire to help students.

“It has always been my quiet mission to provide opportunities for students to explore and discover things that they normally would not have a chance to,” he said.

Deacon Carbone has worn many hats during his 17 years at NDP. He was hired on as a math teacher, and now is the Technology Department Chair and STEM Coordinator, focused on engineering and leading the robotics team.

“It has really been one discovery after another,” he said of his time at NDP.

NDP offers faculty a chance to grow and explore, “they’ve never told me no,” he joked talking about administration.

“I had a freshman come to me 2010-ish and said, ‘Hey, why don’t we start a robotics team here’ and that’s what kind of got me into the whole STEM and engineering thing,” he said.

Deacon Carbone is also part of the clergy on campus and is a strong faith leader in our community. His call to serve God is a passion he shares with his students.

“God calls us to a particular vocation, and it is good to be in a classroom and to be able to help students discover that vocation,” he said.

Here at NDP, we truly are ‘Blessed with the Best!"

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