Bemis Scholarship Winners Announced!

Bemis Scholarship Winners Announced!
Bemis Scholarship Winners Announced!

Each year, a select few students pursuing Catholic Education are awarded the Scot A. Bemis scholarship. The selected students must exemplify excellence in both athletics and academics while exhibiting passion and drive.

There is one awardee per class and they keep the scholarship their entire time at NDP so long as they stay in compliance with the criteria. The current awardees are:

  • Jessica Knapp – Class of 2023
  • Anthony Batson – Class of 2024
  • Bryce Quinet – Class of 2025
  • Aidan Martinez – Class of 2026

"Athletics give me something to do. Playing basketball helps me get everything in the world off my mind; it is meditation for my soul," Batson said. "It feels good to be recognized for my hard work. I am motivated by my parents and coaches to give 110% and never give up," he added. 

Scot Bemis was an integral part of the mission and growth at Notre Dame Prep. His loss is still felt to this day, even 10 years after his passing. 

The Scot A. Bemis scholarship seeks to honor those who represent Coach Bemis' motto to "Get After It!" His family describes Scot's motto as encouraging students to always demonstrate commitment, overcome obstacles and play like a champion in their pursuit of excellence.

I am extremely honored to receive this award named after Scot Bemis because my dad is a cancer survivor. Scot Bemis' "get after it" philosophy is something I am constantly striving to achieve in the classroom and at dance daily," Knapp said. "As I graduate high school this year and move into the next chapter of my life, I look forward to continuing to 'get after it' and always play like a champion, even in difficult times."

Bemis scholarship recipients are chosen based on financial need, academic commitment, school spirit, and extracurricular and community involvement. All award recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, be in good standing with their school and demonstrate reverence, respect, responsibility, faith, leadership, determination, perseverance and teamwork.

"Congratulations to the promising young adults who stepped forward and are this year's recipients of the Scot A. Bemis scholarship. It's been a privilege to learn all about them. Scot would be pleased to know that together, we are continuing where he left off," the Bemis family said in a prepared statement. 

Students are nominated by counselors, coaches and teachers for consideration for a Scot A. Bemis Scholarship Fund.

For more information, contact Mr. Boucher, NDP Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Affairs at (480) 634-8226.