Always keeping God and family as our priority, Notre Dame Preparatory, a diocesan Catholic high school, engages in the formation of students by integrating faith in a college preparatory curriculum, promoting academic excellence, moral values and lifelong service.


Mutual cooperation and respect among our faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and surrounding community is critical to Notre Dame Preparatory’s continued success as a premier Catholic college preparatory school. Faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and community members work together to achieve common goals and objectives that promote the best interests of the school and our community.

Student Formation Charisms

In accordance with this mission, it is expected that with a Notre Dame Preparatory High School education, students will have grown in their pursuit of the following charisms:


The Notre Dame Preparatory High School graduate will:

  • Experience the joy that comes from sacrifice through serving those most in need.
  • Demonstrate a Christian moral and ethical awareness and approach to the community and the world, based upon the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Joyfully give back to their community.


The Notre Dame Preparatory High School graduate will

  • Possess the ability to humbly work collaboratively and to respect the ideas of others.
  • Exhibit respect for self, others, property and the environment through word and action.
  • Demonstrate academic achievement by mastering subject knowledge using critical thinking, technology and communication skills.


The Notre Dame Preparatory High School graduate will

  • Understand the correlation love and courage has in finding success and achieving goals.
  • Possess an awareness of and the willingness to respond to the issues and needs of local and global communities by embracing service to others.
  • Display an understanding and love of social, cultural and economic diversity.

Strengthening minds, bodies and souls

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