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NDP Student Prepare for Medical Mission Trip to Mexico
Posted 03/20/2018 02:07PM

Please pray for the safety of these students as they embark on a medical mission trip to Valladolid, Mexico over spring break. Front row (left to right) - Sydney Dudek, Zoe McCarthy, Taylor LiPuma, Bella Lester, Elsa Davis, Kylie Salvino

Back row (left to right) - Markus Huffman, Max LaVoy, Luke Reardon, Sophie Kezirian, Andrew Lindbloom, Zach Garland, Mr. (Pierre) Marcos.

While most students are relaxing during Spring Break, members of the Notre Dame Prep Medical Club will journey to Mexico to assist doctors with minor surgeries, triage and to help the poor.

The students will work in a small hospital in Valladolid, Mexico, from April 2 to 7 as part of a mission that is both medical and humanitarian.

NDP senior Luke Reardon has taken the trip before through Heartfire Missions, an organization dedicated to training the next generation of world changers. This time he will have 12 fellow Notre Dame Prep students, four parents and one teacher accompany him. English teacher Pierre Marcos will serve as chaperone and translator for the group.

"The thing about this mission that is special," Reardon said, "is that the medical training grabs you, and you think you are going down to change other people's lives, but in reality you change yourself." He added, "Heartfire calls them reverse missions."

Heartfire will provide medical training to the teens throughout March. They will be instructed in basic medical skills, sanitation techniques and what will be expected of them when they are not working in the hospital. Each student will work two days in the hospital and two days in the village, where they will play with children and plant a garden for a woman who escaped human trafficking.

It was the work in the village, more than at the hospital that touched Reardon's soul, he said, and he is excited for his classmates to experience the same feeling. "It was a healthy surprise when I discovered the trip was about God," Reardon said. "I didn't do anything, God did it all through me and I'm grateful."


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