One Community of Saints -10 Houses

The conventional model for high schools no longer meets the needs of teens today. In this technological world, teens are more isolated than ever before. To remedy this, our student body is divided into 10 Houses. These Houses build community, mentorship and opportunities for growth and leadership. 

Being a member of a House gives our students times throughout the day for real interpersonal interaction with students from all grades and members of our faculty and staff.

At Notre Dame Prep, we seek to educate the whole student; mind, body and soul. The House System allows students to be recognized for more than GPA or athletic achievement. Within their House, students' talents are explored and nurtured by a built-in support system.

The Houses compete for House points against each other through academics, Christian service and school spirit, while showing Reverence, Respect and Responsibility toward each another.

The House System is an innovation that Notre Dame Prep has implemented to effectively fulfill our mission of building disciples.

Our goal is to find and foster the brilliance in each student and to give each soul on campus a place where they are embraced by their fellow House members while building a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to live in true discipleship.

We are NDP. One Community of Saints - 10 Houses.

St. Blaise House

St. Blaise House has selected the virtue of sacrifice as a reflection of the life of their patron saint. St Blaise was a bishop and a doctor. He was known as a healer and as the “physician of souls”. He was martyred for not being willing to renounce his faith.  

House Captains: Zack Gray, Sabrina Arevalo

Heads of House: Juby Luensmann, David Lamb

Color: Royal Blue | Feast Day: February 3

House Service Month: December

St. Francis of Assisi House

St. Francis of Assisi House will develop the virtue of devotion. St Francis of Assisi was a saint who was known for his devotion to God, nature and the poor. St. Francis worked tirelessly on his relationship and understanding of how to live his faith fully.

House Captains: Brendan Geesey, Cassandra Kahla

Heads of House: Tracey Heisler, Tom White

Color: Gold | Feast Day: October 4

House Service Month: October

St. George House

St. George was a soldier in the Roman army who protested against the persecution of Christians. He went from a favorite of the Emperor to being executed for his faith. St. George House has chosen fortitude as their virtue to exemplify the fortitude of St. George.

House Captains: Jake Farrell, Adelina Martins

Heads of House: Brooke Dauphinais, George Prelock

Color: Crimson | Feast Day: April 23

House Service Month | April


St. Ignatius of Loyola House

St. Ignatius of Loyola was a man of many virtues and the St. Ignatius House has chosen integrity for their House virtue. St. Ignatius was a soldier, priest and one of the founders of the Jesuit order. He is known for his spiritual exercises and powerful writings. 

House Captains: Jason Siegle, Erika Kramer

Heads of House: Lisa Rawlings, Ian Mulligan

Color: Red | Feast Day: July 31

House Service Month: May

St. Maximilian Kolbe House

St. Maximilian Kolbe was a priest of deep courage. He was an outspoken critic of the Nazis during WWII. He was sent to Auschwitz and was executed when he volunteered to die for another man. Courage is the virtue chosen by St Maximilian House.

House Captains: James Garrison, Jia Coffou

Head of House: Pat Stover

Color: Silver | Feast Day: August 14

House Service Month: August

St. Michael House

St. Michael House has chosen to name their house after the archangel.  He is an angel not strictly a saint. He has four responsibilities; combating Satan, escort the faithful to heaven, support the Church and call all to judgment This House decided on the virtue of tenacity.

House Captains: Zach Siegel, Jordan Weaver

Heads of House: Melissa Riordan, Pierre Marcos

Color: Hot Pink | Feast Day: September 29

House Service Month: November

St. Patrick House

St. Patrick was a priest who received a calling to evangelize Ireland. He was devoted to his vocation as a priest and the people of Ireland. St. Patrick House has chosen to develop and live the virtue of loyalty.

House Captains: Briggs Moore, Lauren Abbott

Heads of House: Katie DiBonaventura, Ryan Pefley

Color: Green | Feast Day: March 17

House Service Month: March

St. Sebastian House

St. Sebastian was a very early Christian martyr. Like St. George, he was a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity and was martyred because of his dedication to the faith. He was known as an extraordinary athlete. The virtue of strength will be the guide of St. Sebastian House.

House Captains: Robbie Brodar, Zoe McCarthy

Heads of House: Tracy Mc Bride, Deacon Carmene Carbone

Color: Navy Blue | Feast Day: January 20

House Service Month: January

St. Teresa of Calcutta House

St Teresa of Calcutta was a devoted religious sister who founded her own order to serve the poorest of the poor. She and her sisters give up all comforts to live like those they serve. The virtue of selflessness she displayed is deeply admired and was selected by the St. Teresa House.

House Captains: Jonathan Curran, Gabby Alessio

Heads of House: Shelia Martinez, Phil Hemmo

Color: Light Blue | Feast Day: September 5

House Service Month: September

St. Valentine House

St. Valentine was an early Christian priest and martyr. In spite of orders to the contrary, he continued to marry couples in the Christian church. He believed in love and marriage. The virtue of charity has been selected by the St. Valentine House.

House Captains: Luke Roberts, Laurel Hardy

Heads of House: Mary Jane Wright, Rob Gwinn

Color: White | Feast Day: February 14

House Service Month: February

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