Mothers’ Guild Executive Board for the 2018/2019 school year, includes:

Tracey Gray, President | tracey12@me.com, 602-980-2243

The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Mothers’ Guild, and the Chairperson of the Executive Board — presiding at all meetings of the general membership. She appoints chairs to head all Mothers’ Guild committees and performs such other duties as directed by the Executive Board. She serves on the Notre Dame School Board in an ex-officio capacity, attends all Saints’ Club meetings, and communicates with the Notre Dame staff, as needed. The President must have served as President-Elect prior to taking office.

Debbi Douglas, President-Elect | debbiadouglas@gmail.com,

The President-Elect performs the duties of President in her absence or inability to serve and will succeed to the Presidency following her one-year term as President-Elect. She is the primary point of contact for Committee Chairs throughout the year, helps to resolve issues and answers questions, as well as ensures a good recording of events and activities. She takes on special projects and performs other duties as requested by the Executive Board and/or President.

Leigh Anne Odinet, Treasurer | leighodinet@gmail.com, 480-294-9270
Marjorie DeMoss, Treasurer Elect | marjorie.demoss@outlook.com 480-620-3519

The Treasurer, working alongside the Treasurer Elect, maintains record of Mothers’ Guild funds. They prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive Board and school administration. They notify all chairpersons of their committee budgets prior to the beginning of the school year. They keep full and accurate accounts and present financial statements to the Executive Board at the monthly Board meetings.

Sheila Doherty, Secretary | dort10@aol.com, 602-550-6922

The Secretary keeps minutes of all general membership meetings and Executive Board meetings — and distributes them in a timely manner. The Secretary also serves as Historian to document accomplishments, events and news clippings that transpire during the school year for future Boards’ reference and planning purposes. She also conducts correspondence on behalf of the Mothers’ Guild (i.e., thank you notes, invitations, informational emails, etc.) and performs other duties as requested by the Executive Board and/or President.

April McCracken, Volunteer Coordinator | ammcracken6me.com

The Volunteer Coordinator oversees and coordinates all volunteers. She is responsible for organizing and providing parent lists to Board Officers and Committees. In addition, she assists the Advancement Department, Dads’ Club and Saints’ Club for fundraising and other volunteer needs. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for reporting the status of volunteers for these projects to the Mothers’ Guild. This position works closely with the Communications Coordinator and is responsible for initiating and maintaining event and volunteer sign-ups. She also manages and maintains the Mothers’ Guild membership database.

Megan Hackbarth (meganhackbarth@cox.net, 602-315-2484) and Lisa Richeson (azlisar12@outlook.com, 480-980-0128), Directors of Events

Our two Director of Events make all arrangements for Mothers’ Guild general meetings and social events (i.e., venue, decorations, food, etc.) with input from the President and Executive Board. The events include, but are not limited to two luncheons/breakfast general meetings, two evening social hours (in collaboration with Dad’s Club), freshman/new mom mixer and end-of-year general meeting. Events are managed within preset budget limitations and focus on the overarching principles of the Mothers’ Guild. In addition to above, Directors of Events help prepare meeting agendas and organize audio/visual requirements, staging, speakers, seating, as well as any special activities during the event.

Christine Gaan, Communications Coordinator (christine.gaan@balancefs.com, 480-650-6137)

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for the Mothers’ Guild monthly newsletter and any Mothers’ Guild content on the NDP website. She works closely with the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and the NDP Staff to ensure content is updated, accurate and keeps with the Mothers’ Guild brand and mission. The Coordinator is also responsible for creating and implementing the Mothers’ Guild communication strategy in conjunction with NDP. Position is held by someone with substantial writing skills as well as marketing and technology knowledge.

Susan Rehorn, Board Advisor, (sbrehorn@cox.net, 480-686-2002)

Board Advisor guides and counsels the Mothers' Guild Executive Board, providing knowledge and insight on all aspects of board opersations.

For more information on how you can participate in Mothers' Guild, please contact us using the information below.

Contact: mothersguild@ndpsaints.org | (480) 634-8378

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