Mothers’ Guild provides NDP moms with a wide variety of opportunities to become involved in the day-to-day life of NDP’s campus, students and community — including volunteer committees, fun mom clubs and advancement initiatives. Below is a summary of all Mothers’ Guild-related opportunities (which are subject to change):

Admissions Information Evenings Committee
2018/2019 Chair: Daphne Landsborough |, 602-531-0845

This committee supports NDP’s Admissions Office. Admissions Information Evenings are held throughout the community in the early fall for prospective families to learn more about NDP. Committee members support the efforts of the host families and offer hospitality assistance pre- and post-event. They also attend each event to mingle and help answer any questions and share NDP experiences. Committee members send thank you notes/tokens of appreciation to party hosts.

Admissions Information Evening Hosts
Contact Daphne Landsborough for more information, 602-531-0845).

These hosts open their homes to serve as a venue for the Admissions Information Evenings, typically held in September and October. Hosts also provide reception food and beverage of their choice. NDP Administration provides all NDP materials and serves as keynote speakers. NDP Admissions also provides suggestions and financial assistance, if needed.

Book Club
2018/2019 Chairs: Gina Bickett,, 602-882-5490.

Meet other NDP moms with a passion for reading in one of our fastest-growing Mothers’ Guild interest-based club! Members of our Book Club meet each month to exchange views, thoughts and perspectives on a Club-chosen book. It’s a great way to socialize with moms who share a similar favored pastime!

Mass Preparation Committee
2018/2019 Chair: Liz Rice,, 602-400-5686

The Mass Preparation committee provides devote assistance to NDP with its school masses, weekly Rosary, adoration services, and priest luncheons (2 events held per year). Volunteers are coordinated and assigned various ministry duties as well as pre-/post-event responsibilities. Sister Yolanda Mendoza, NDP’s Director of Retreats & Ministry, serves as this committee’s advisor.

Fall House Warming Committee
2018/2019 Chairs: Rikki Chasse,, 602-909-4740 and Jill Nagel,, 480-710-4410

This committee will provide a tasty treat for all students in the entire House system. The chairs and committee will organize, plan, and execute a school-wide snack after Freshman are welcomed into their new houses (following the House Sorting Assembly). A budget will be provided by the Mothers’ Guild Executive Board and must be adhered to (additional food item donations are not permitted).

Foodie (& Wine!) Club
2018/2019 Chair: Tina Curran,, 480-329-9803

This club is great for all moms who have a love and appreciation for food. Get the dish on great ideas for parties, potlucks, everyday recipes, holiday-themed dishes, and more. Savoring fun and friendship, club members also participate in cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. A growing club within the NDP community, this group enjoys active member participation. Bon Appetite!

Grade-specific Mom Social Committees

Class-specific social committees provide moms with opportunities to gather a few times per year in different settings to mix, mingle and stay current and apprised of happenings within their student’s grade level. These socials offer moms a great opportunity to network with other moms sharing a very similar high school journey.

Grandparents Day Committee
2018/2019 Chairs: Lauri Douglas,, 602-531-2862 and Debbi Douglas,, 602-690-1076

Grandparents Day, held during the week of Thanksgiving, is a time-honored NDP tradition! This committee works closely with NDP’s Advancement Office in support of this special opportunity for grandparents to join their NDP grandchild for an informative and inspirational event. Committee’s responsibilities include event set up, tear down and décor, as well as providing suggestions for a fun NDP experience for all.

Hiking Club
2018/2019 Chair: Christy Mooney,, 602-538-5106

Hiking Club is perfect for those moms with a passion for being outdoors and exploring the variety of trails throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale. Hiking Club Chair establishes a schedule of hikes at a variety of difficulty levels. Club members meet each month and take off to explore, foster new friendships and enjoy hiking fitness.

The more the merrier! Contact Kim McAvoy for more information about open positions., 480-262-1031

Mombassadors are a group of existing NDP moms — with warm, welcoming and friendly personalities — who phone incoming freshman and transfer student families in the summer prior to the new school year (using a provided script). Mombassadors welcome new families and answer any questions they may have. In addition to this initial contact, phone call reminders about Mothers’ Guild events, Culinary Fest, Grandparents Day, Get After It Breakfast, Auction & Fashion Show, etc., are encouraged. Mombassadors will also assist with NDP prospective/new student events, such as Freshman Orientation, 8th Grade Open House, New Family BBQ and Freshman Scheduling Night.

NDPrayer Moms
2018/2019 Chair: Barbara Berry,, 602-549-7297

Meeting every other week on Thursdays after student drop-off, this group of devout women uplift our faculty, staff, students, and NDP families through passionate prayer. High school years can be challenging for many and the NDPrayer Moms reach out to God for help with those struggles. Confidential prayer requests may be provided to our committee chair. And, all moms are welcome to participate in this amazing group!

Project Graduation
2018/2019 Chair: Lauri Douglas,, 602-531-2862.

This committee plans, coordinates and executes an exclusive party for seniors on the night of graduation. This committee works in tandem with NDP’s Student Activities Director, Brenda Beers, to drive and coordinate student registration, as well as plan entertainment, food/beverage, raffle prizes, décor, and security at NDP’s chosen venue. The event is mostly self-funded, and budget parameters are set and enforced by NDP.

Saints’ Helping Hands (formerly Saints’ Closet and Pantry)
2018/2019 Chairs: Jennifer Wetzler,, 440-289-4446 and Ellen Mahoney,, 954-557-2315

Our Saints’ Helping Hands committee plans and coordinates two parent/student Christian service opportunities, one in each semester of the school year, to help non-profit organizations aligned with NDP’s Christian Service mission and chosen by the current Mothers’ Guild Executive Board. This committee provides parents and students the opportunity to serve alongside one another in the community, while also helping students to fulfill their NDP Christian Service requirement. Chair and committee members also work closely with NDP’s Center of Mission and Ministry (COMM) to help promote various student-driven charitable drives and serve as resources to NDP moms who have questions regarding various service opportunities.

Saints’ Store
2018/2019 Chairs: Jill Weaver,, 602-738-4960 and Carey Pauley,, 480-414-1096

Have an aptitude or interest for retail? Volunteers of this committee, working closely with NDP’s Advancement Office, help to facilitate the success of the on-campus Saints’ Store – where a wide variety of NDP spirit wear, novelty items and SCRIP are sold. Channel your inner retailer as you stay on NDP-approved spirit wear, provide input for new wear, and help fundraise for our school. No experience is needed; our committee chair(s) will teach you everything you need to know. It’s super easy and it’s super fun!

SCRIP Program
2018/2019 Chair:   Suzanne Mirasola, 602-284-2244

Located in the Saints’ Store, NDP’s SCRIP Program is the only tuition rebate opportunity at NDP. Managed by NDP’s Advancement Office and supported by Mothers’ Guild, volunteers help to promote, sell and fulfill gift card orders, as well as track gift card inventory. SCRIP is another great way to help fundraise for our school! Again, no experience needed. We’ll train you!

Senior Celebration Day Committee
2018/2019 Chairs: Tina Smith,, 480-329-2125, Mary Jo Liborio,, 602-908-0569, and Lori Lange,, 858-395-9780

Senior Celebration Day coincides with Senior Night for Fall Sports and includes a Mothers’ Guild-chosen dress theme. This theme is carried through to break time where our committee provides a fun snack and drink to NDP’s future graduates. Committee members are encouraged to get creative and have fun within budget parameters that are set and enforced by NDP.

Senior Moms Retreat
2018/2019 Chair: Susan Rehorn,, 480-686-2002

An annual tradition, Senior moms gather for a sleepover filled with activities, fellowship, food and friendship. Retreat includes guest speakers, group discussions, helpful hints for preparing your child for college as well as prayer and meditation time. Chair(s) and committee responsibilities include securing venue/speakers, food logistics, preparing itinerary and handling communication and coordination of event. All senior moms are invited, and participating senior moms pay a retreat fee to offset event costs (scholarships are available for those in need through Mothers’ Guild).

Senior 100-day Countdown
2018/2019 Chairs: Molly Siegle,, 602-418-7742 and Suzanne Kramer,, 602-432-2123

The big countdown to Graduation Day begins with this fun, festive day. On the day that marks 100 days prior to the Senior Class’ completion at NDP, this committee organizes, plans and executes a break party for the graduating class. Themes and decor can be implemented along with a yummy treat. Chair/committee members are encouraged to be creative and have fun within budget parameters set by Mothers’ Guild’s Executive Board.

Senior Parking Spot Paint Party
2018/2019 Chairs:Rhonda Stein,, 480-515-9099, Melissa Geesey;, 480-5864419 and Kim McAvoy,, 480-262-1031 

Prior to school commencing, the Senior Class has the opportunity to decorate individual parking spots with personality-inspired paint jobs. This committee will be on hand to provide snacks and refreshments on this warm summer day. Chair/committee members are encouraged to be creative and have fun within budget parameters set by Mothers’ Guild’s Executive Board.

Senior Picnic
2018/2019 Chairs: Michelle Furtmann,, 602-228-7384 and Suzanne Kramer,, 602-432-2123

NDP’s Senior Picnic is another time-honored NDP tradition! Committee chair and members work in tandem with NDP’s Student Activities Director, Brenda Beers, to organize and execute a fun, outdoor picnic for the graduating class. This springtime event is planned on a normal school day at a local park and offers a variety of food, beverages, activities and fun. Budget is provided and enforced by NDP.

Snack & Concession Sales
2018/2019 Chair: Eileen McLane,, 602-317-7661

Say "hi" to your NDP student(s) and their friends while selling daily snacks during morning break. Light food and beverage is sold to students in a hustle and bustle atmosphere. This committee works closely with NDP’s Advancement Office and is fully managed by volunteers. Time commitment is minimal, but the experience is priceless!

Spring Block Party
2018/2019 Chairs: Shannon Donaghey,, 469-525-5336 and Whitney Pileggi,, 480-241-3199

This committee will provide a tasty treat for all students in the entire House System on the Spring Block Party day — a “competition day” for each house. The chairs and committee will organize, plan, and execute a school-wide snack at the competition. A budget will be provided by the Mothers’ Guild Executive Board and must be adhered to (additional food item donations are not permitted).

Staff and Faculty Appreciation
2018/2019 Chairs: Venous Sadeghi,, 480-563-5107 and Gina Kelley,, 480-861-2033

Chair and committee members organize, coordinate and execute events in support and appreciation for NDP’s administration and staff. These events include, but are not limited to, Administrative Professionals Day, Secretary’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Quarterly Snacks and birthday acknowledgement. Budget is provided and enforced by NDP.

Staff and Faculty Christmas Party
2018/2019 Chair: Daphne Landsborough,, 602-531-0845

NDP’s staff and faculty work hard year-round to provide a high-quality experience for our students. This committee is our opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for all they do! Chair and committee members work to secure a venue, as well as organize, plan and execute NDP’s annual faculty and staff Christmas party — complete with catering, beverages/bar, rentals and décor. Chair and committee members are encouraged to get creative and have fun within budget guidelines set by the Mothers’ Guild Executive Board. Party is meant to be celebratory and lovely!

Mass of Transition
2018/2019 Chair: Yvette Schipansky,, 602-402-1998

Each spring, NDP holds its annual Mass of Transition. A truly special event, this mass signifies the transition of the junior class into the senior leaders of NDP. This committee works together to organize a small celebration for junior and senior students and families following the mass. Typically held outside of the Office of Ministry & Mission, this light and casual reception includes desserts and drinks (budget is provided by NDP).

Used Uniform Sales
2018/2019 Chairs: Tina Smith,, 480-329-2125 and Jill Benson,, 480-231-6276

Used Uniform Sales is another way to channel your inner retailer! This committee, working closely with NDP’s Advancement Office, inventories, cleans, folds and prices gently used uniforms. Mothers’ Guild volunteers also help at biannual sales events on campus.

If you have questions about any of our committees or clubs, please contact April McCracken, Mothers’ Guild Volunteer Coordinator, at or 913-908-3127.



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