This form is very important and deadline-specific. Please fill out all the fields so that we can make sure your name, yearbook photo and/or senior ad are exactly the way you want it. 
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NOTE: BABY PICTURES NEEDED FOR YEARBOOK: As part of our senior page layouts, we put your senior's baby/toddler photo (2 to 4 years, please) next to the senior portrait. This is something that all the seniors enjoy seeing each year. Email a digital copy (JPEG, PNG or PDF with the highest resolution available) of the baby photo. Baby pictures are due by Dec. 15. If a baby photo is not sent, the a second Lifetouch photo will be used in the yearbook in its place.
Please email your baby photo to
I want to buy a senior ad in the yearbookrequired
You have two options for this ad:
  1. You can create your own ad on the computer and send it digitally to
  2. You can send in the digital photos and the text you want and leave it up to our yearbook designers to do the rest.

In order to leave enough space in the yearbook for these ads, You MUST reserve space now and pay for the ad.

The cost is as follows if purchased prior to December 15:

  • ¼ Page ad $150.00 (4.5x6 inches)
  • Half Page ad $225.00 (9x6 inches)
  • Full page ad $425.00 (9x12 inches)

The cost if purchased between to Dec. 16, 2021 and January 15, 2022:

  • ¼ Page ad $180(4.5x6 inches)
  • Half Page ad $270.00 (9x6 inches)
  • Full page ad $510.00 (9x12 inches)

January 15 is the cut-off for purchasing an ad.


Which size ad would you like to purchase?
Who will produce your ad?

If you prefer that NDP produces your ad, please send 4 to 6 photos and the message you wish to use by Jan. 15. Scan your photos at home, and email them as JPEGs, PNGs or PDFS along with a word document containing the message to be placed on the ad. Please send all content to Mrs. Strolic at

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