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Here is the process for making up a missed test:

  1. Students must use the Calendly link below (and posted on class Canvas pages) to sign up for the testing center. Students must sign themselves up each time they need to test in the center, and not the teacher https://calendly.com/ndptesting?month=2020-09
  2. Students will use Calendly to sign up for a time to test.
  3. Once students have submitted the form, the student should forward email confirmation of their form submission to their teachers to promote responsibility. (The form prompts this action)
  4. The student will take the test and then Ms. Jones will put the completed test in the appropriate teacher's box. 
  5. Please note: This is for students with and without student support plans. 

Crystal Brooks
Director of Academic Inclusion (ACE)

Ray Cuzma
STEM and Academic Inclusion Tutor (ACE)

Madeline Jones
Academic Inclusion English Instructor(ACE)

Fr. Phil Evenstock
Academic Inclusion Mathematics Instructor (ACE)

Sara Fabricant
Academic Inclusion Tutor (ACE)
Testing Center

Oscar Varela
Academic Inclusion and Substitute Coordinator