Homecoming Dress Code

Dress Code:  

Attire must represent the modesty acceptable for a Catholic school dance. Anything that is inappropriate for the occasion or deviates from modesty in the judgment of a school administrator may result in being denied admission into the dance. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and respect of the school dance rules. 

Homecoming is a semi-formal event. Attire should reflect a more formal family occasion (like a formal wedding) but can still be fun and not as dressy as Prom would be – The dance should lean more toward the “Diamonds” part of the theme, but denim and western wear are welcome (defined more specifically below). 

For ladies, a tasteful, elegant dress or jumpsuit for a Catholic school dance is required. 

  1. Dresses may not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee. This includes any slit. 
  2. Outfits that are too revealing, are skintight or form-fitting, expose the midriff or cleavage, or are too short in length are not appropriate. 
  3. Outfits may not be backless, may not be see-through, and may not have cut-outs. Please be modest with sheer material. A sheer layer that reveals more than 3 inches above the knee or a low-cut neckline is not acceptable for a Catholic high school dance. 
  4. Dresses and jumpsuits may be strapless. 
  5. Cowboy boots are encouraged. 

For gentlemen tasteful, and dressy menswear required

  1. Guys are required to wear a long sleeve, button-up, collared shirt with a bola tie, necktie, or bow tie. Dinner jacket/blazer/sport coat is required. Shirts should remain tucked in for the duration of the dance. 
  2. Pants must be jeans or dress pants.
  3. Belt must be worn. Large belt buckle with appropriate messaging is encouraged.
  4. Cowboy hats are encouraged.
  5. Dress shoes are not required. Sneakers and cowboy boots are permitted.

NOTE: Students and/or their guests who are dressed inappropriately (as determined by a school administrator/teacher at the event) will be denied admission without a refund. All attendees must adhere to these rules:

  1. Guests of students may not be older than 20. Guest ID must be provided with the guest admission form (submitted Wednesday, October 19 to Dean Viliborghi)
  2. Students and their guests (from different schools) must enter and leave the dance together. 
  3. Check-in begins at 6:30 pm. Students are allowed to leave at any point, but there is no re-entry into the dance. The dance ends at 9:30 pm. 
  4. Both students and their guests must show a CURRENT photo ID (school ID) to be admitted to the dance. 
  5. The style of dancing must reflect proper behavior between students. Dancing that is provocative is unacceptable. No moshing, no body surfing, no slam dancing, no grinding, no twerking, no explicit dancing. School moderators will be present at the dance. If your dancing is deemed inappropriate by a school moderator and you are asked to stop, you must comply. 
  6. Any student/guest disruption of a school dance, such as fighting, chanting or profanity, willful disobedience of an adult chaperone, or any behavior deemed inappropriate will be removed from the dance. 
  7. Students removed from a dance may be prohibited from attending future dances for up to one academic year. 
  8. The school reserves the right to search any student and/or guest before or during the dance. 
  9. All school rules apply at the dance for students and/or their guests. 
  10. Students and/or guests who do not comply with all of the guidelines listed above will be removed from the dance, released to their parent/guardian, and/or receive disciplinary consequences. No refund will be given if removed from the dance. 
  11. All students and their guests will complete a breathalyzer test upon check-in. Students and/or their guests under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance will be denied entrance, removed from the dance, and/or released to their parent/guardian. Students will also receive school consequences ranging from suspension to expulsion. NDP will contact the guest’s school to inform the school of the incident. NDP reserves the right to contact law enforcement.