Senior Parking Lot Painting

Saturday, August 5th 5:30-10:30 a.m., (Senior SunRise is at 5am) and/or Monday, August 7th 5:30-10:30 a.m. Make Up Day – Saturday, August 12th 5:30-10:30 a.m.  

Please note the guidelines below that must be followed for the painted parking spaces: 

  • It will get ridiculously hot. You will want to be here as early as possible and be cleaned up and ready to leave at 10:30am. An easy-up for shade is a plus. 
  • WATER-BASED EXTERIOR LATEX paint is the only type of paint that can be used.  
  • No Reflective paint; No Spray paint; No Fluorescent paint; No Glitter.  
  • You must keep a 6” unpainted border between the white parking space lines and the paint in their parking spot. (Please use blue painter's tape.)  
  • Paints are to be purchased by the student.  
  • Cleanup will be required during the days of painting. Please keep this in mind and allow for enough time to pick up after yourself. You will need to take all the remaining paint home for proper disposal. 
  • You may only paint while a school employee is present, during scheduled painting days.  
  • You may purchase WATER-BASED EXTERIOR LATEX paint at retail stores like Sherwin Williams, Lowe's, or Home Depot. 
  • The use of stencils is highly encouraged. There are many online companies who provide this service for a reasonable fee.,, 
  • You will need to transport all supplies from the Junior/Sophomore parking lot. Bringing a cart of some kind will simplify this process. 
  • The parking space is 9’X 18’ with the space for painting at 8’ X 17’ 
  • Our amazing Mothers’ Guild will provide water and Gatorade.  Please be sure you hydrate to stay safe in our summer heat. 
  • Some things that are extremely helpful to bring: 
    • Wagon or cart 
    • Stencils 
    • Chair 
    • Broom or leaf blower to clean space 
    • Tape measure 
    • Extender pole for paint roller 
    • Paper towels/rags 
    • Small table 
    • Trash bags 
    • Extra brushes 
    • Painter's tape