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Office of The Deans

Discipline does not mean punishment. It comes from the Latin work for "learning." Discipline means getting better every day by consistently applying standards and prinicples to your life. It is not something someone does to you. It is something you choose to do for yourself.

-Tim Kight         

At NDP, we empower all students to discover, pursue and achieve personal, spiritual and educational goals. The Deans of Students strive to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students through the implementation of school health and safety policies. We are a drug-free and weapon-free campus. Our deans and security personnel are here to ensure our students and all people on our campus are safe and secure. Our deans and counselors are also available to address behavioral and academic issues with the singular goal to keep our students thriving and becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Dean of Men - Tom White
(480) 634-8228

Dean of Women - Brieanne Dragonetti
(480) 634-8227

Download and print our attendance policy and student/parent handbook. After you read the handbook, please fill out the form below and sign electronically. All students and parents must sign. Reading our student/parent handbook and providing your electronic signature is required to complete your enrollment for Notre Dame Preparatory.  The deadline for completing your signature is August 12, 2019.

Important Information from Our Deans