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Text Books

     Textbook Information 2019

In an effort to support a variety of learning styles, this year Notre Dame Preparatory is moving to a “Bring Your Own Books” model for course books. Students and families are required to purchase or rent their own books or ebooks. NDP will no longer use the Shelfit portal, nor will the school upload textbooks for students. The reason for this change is that some students learn best from hardcopy books, while others prefer ebooks. This inclusive model for acquiring textbooks is identical to that used by colleges and universities, thus we are preparing our students for what they will experience in college.

Amazon Kindle is the preferred platform for ebooks. Ebooks purchased or rented through Amazon Kindle will automatically upload into the student’s Kindle library. However, some course materials are not available via Kindle and must be purchased or rented from a different portal. Students will find the appropriate book(s) for their courses listed on their individual Canvas course pages or on the master list of all textbooks provided on the NDP website, under Quicklinks.

This master list includes the book title, ISBN, and a link to the appropriate purchasing portal. If students find the appropriate book for each course on a different purchasing portal, they are welcome to purchase from the portal/app of their choice. Additionally, some courses do not require textbooks, hence the materials will be provided in class. The information for classes with no textbooks is also available via the master list. For all decisions regarding textbooks, please consult either your child’s teacher or the master list.

NOTE: You do not need to purchase a Kindle to upload a book from Amazon Kindle. They will upload to any device. 

With regards to textbook fees, reimbursement varies by grade. 

  • 9th and 10th graders were not charged a technology fee; therefore, reimbursement does not apply
  • 11th graders were on two payment plans and the second payment was reduced by $225 and billed last spring. 
  • Any 12th grader who paid the technology fee in full ($1750) their freshman year will receive a $225 credit to their Smart Tuition account; noted as “textbook fee reimbursement.”
  • Please contact our Director of Finance Paul Rubsam if you have any questions regarding financial reimbursement for textbooks. 

This change is in the best interest of your students and their unique learning styles. Thank you for your patience as we transition to our new textbook model.