Kairos Faculty and Staff Interest Form


Kairos meaning "God's Time" in Greek, is a student-led retreat that allows students the opportunity to step back from the many demands in their life in order to intentionally reflect on their relationship with God, themselves, and with others. Each Kairos also includes 10 adults who walk this journey with the students. Whether this will be your first Kairos or your 20th it is a transformative time.  

Please prayerfully consider sharing the precious gift of your time with our students and the Lord. You do not have to be Catholic or religious to participate.  This is considered a school event.  You will not have to use any time off. Kairos is one of the best things we do at NDP.  Join us -- you will be glad you did!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mary Lou Lachvayder.

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I cannot chaperone for the entire retreat, but I can assist in the kitchen with one or more mealsrequiredYou will assist Kelly Jean in the kitchen.
You will assist Kelly Jean in the kitchen.


Fr. Ian Wintering
Campus Chaplain

Brian Cannon
Director of the Center of Mission and Ministry (COMM)

Dcn. Carmene Carbone
Coordinator of Christian Service

Alyssa Francia
Campus Minister

Kevin Finley
Coordinator of Student Activities

Kelly Jean
Administrative Assistant for COMM