Christian Service Learning

Bringing Christ to the World

As a Catholic school, and in order to develop well-rounded students, we challenge our students to be people of service. In light of this challenge, students are required to complete service during the course of each calendar year. We hope that these practices will create a positive feeling toward service and a desire to continue serving after our students graduate from NDP.

  • Logging 120 Christian services hours over four years is a graduation requirement.
  • All students will earn a Pass/Fail grade for Christian service depending on whether or not they meet the requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: At- home service hours are no longer accepted.  We stopped accepting those on May 31, 2021.

Students may use this form to keep track of summer service hours. Students can start logging Christian Services Hours on June 1, 2022 for the 2022-23 year. 

Each semester, a minimum number of hours must be verified in order for students to receive a passing grade. First semester Christian service hours are due on or before Nov. 21, 2022. Here are the required number of hours:

  • Seniors: 105 Hours (cumulative)
  • Juniors: 70 Hours (cumulative)
  • Sophomores: 30 Hours (cumulative)
  • Freshman: 10 Hours 

Note: if a student is signed up for and has paid the down payment for a Mission Trip during the Spring/2nd Semester, he or she will not be required to have the minimum for 1st Semester hours. 

Second semester hours must be approved on or before April 3, 2023 for Seniors and April 24, 2023 for all other students, students are required to have the following minimum hours submitted:

  • Seniors: 120 Hours
  • Juniors: 90 Hours
  • Sophomores: 45 Hours
  • Freshman: 20 Hours
  • In order to pass, the service hours must be logged on, x2VOL.
  • It is recommended that students complete a minimum of 30 hours per academic year.
  • Additional hours will rollover so students are able to complete hours during the summer or in less-busy semesters. 
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Dinges at

Earning Christian Service Hours