Christian Service Learning

Bringing Christ to the World

As a Catholic school, and in order to develop well-rounded students, we challenge our students to be people of service. In light of this challenge, students are required to complete service during the course of each calendar year.

  • We hope that these practices will create a positive feeling toward service and a desire to continue serving after our students graduate from NDP.
  • Logging 120 Christian services hours over four years is a graduation requirement.
  • All students will earn a Pass/Fail grade for Christian service depending on whether or not they meet the requirement.

Each semester, a minimum number of hours must be verified in order for students to receive a passing grade.First semester Christian service hours, are due at the beginning of December. Here are the required number of hours:

  • Seniors/Juniors: 15 Hours
  • Sophomores: 10 Hours
  • Freshman: 8 Hours

Students are required to have the following minimum hours submitted for second semester:

  • Seniors/Juniors: 30 Hours                         
  • Sophomores: 25 Hours                                   
  • Freshman: 20 Hours

For first semester, hours must be verified on or before December 5th

  • In order to pass, the service hours must be logged on, x2VOL.
  • It is recommended that students complete a minimum of 30 hours per academic year.
  • Additional hours will rollover so students are able to complete hours during the summer or in less-busy semesters. 
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Dinges at

Earning Christian Service Hours