Christian Service Learning

Christian Service, or reaching out to those in need because of your Christian call to holiness, is an essential part of what it means to be a follower of Christ and a contributing member of society. Loving our neighbor implies a willingness to be of service and to reach beyond ourselves to those in need.

Christian Service Requirements

Students must complete 120 hours of Christian service in order to graduate. Most go way beyond that. For details on rolling over your service hours from one year to the next to reach 120, please contact our Director of Christian Service Learning.

Christian Service Hours 2020-2021:

Once the students have completed their minimum number of hours in each of the areas, their remaining hours can be served in any category. We are hoping that these practices will create a positive feeling toward service and create a desire to continue serving after they graduate from NDP.

The minimum number of hours required for each grade level are as follows:

Juniors/Seniors                            Sophomores                                     Freshman
Place of Worship:  2                              Place of Worship:  3                                    Place of Worship:  4
Notre Dame Preparatory:  2                Notre Dame Preparatory:  3              Notre Dame Preparatory:  4 
Community:  4                                            Community:  7                                                Community:  10
Poor and Marginalized:  8                     Poor and Marginalized:  20                Poor and Marginalized:  30

Each semester, a minimum number of hours must be submitted in order for students to receive a passing grade. For first semester, on or before Dec. 1, 2020, students are required to have the following minimum hours submitted (Note:  if a student is signed up for and has paid the down payment for a Mission Trip during the Spring/2nd Semester, he or she will not be required to have the minimum for 1st Semester):
Seniors/Juniors:  15 Hours
Sophomores:  10 Hours
Freshman:  8 Hours

For second semester, hours must be verified on or before May 4, 2021, students are required to have the following minimum hours submitted:
Seniors/Juniors:  30 Hours
Sophomores: 25 Hours
Freshman:  15 Hours

In summary, extra hours completed during the school year are eligible to be rolled over to fulfill requirements for the following school year. Students must complete 120 total hours by graduation, but the rollover policy will give students and families more flexibility when their hours are served. We hope that this increased flexibility in the service policy will add to the positive experience of Christian Service, and that NDP students will make a decision to continue serving after they graduate.

All of our mission trips are on the NDP website under The Service Trip Experience. In addition to our mission trips, we offer a summer school class called the Urban Plunge where students get class credit and all of their hours completed for the semester.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Dinges at


Fr. Kurt Perera
Campus Chaplain
(480) 634.8337

Sr. Yolanda Mendoza
Campus Minister
(480) 634.8241

Shelley Dinges
Christian Service Learning Coordinator
(480) 634.8391

Mary Lou Lachvayder
Director of House System
Theology Dept. Chair
(480) 634.8336

Jackie Moucheron
Assistant to Center of Mission and Ministry
(480) 634.8388


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