The Dog Pound

Accept the Challenge to Show Your Spirit!

Our Student Section!

The Dog Pound is made up of the entire student body of Notre Dame Prep. Dog Pound leaders are selected from each House and they help organize the fun at pep rallies, support our spiritline at games, and they plan themes and activities for Spirit Weeks. In short, our Dog Pound leaders are in charge of fun on campus and at athletic events. They welcome our new freshman class teach them how to cheer and participate in time-honored traditions at NDP.

Our Mascot, Samson the St. Bernard is always on hand to get the crowd fired-up! 

Fight Song Of NDP

Cheer, Cheer for we're Notre Dame
We are the Saints always cheering her name
We shall strive to win her fame
As we proclaim her name

Whether the odds be great or small
Our Notre Dame will win overall
As our team continues marching 
Onward to victory

Go Saints!

The tune is to the University of Notre Dame Fight song.

Our Alma Mater

We have walked throughout these halls
rev’ence, respect as our guides;
We are one with the Saints,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Our Lady prays for us, with her we’ll always trust,
This our song our Alma Mater praising
God in all we do,
This our vow and solemn promise,
Notre Dame we shall be true.

We sing our Alma Mater at the end of each all-school Mass.