Academic Letter Program Begins Spring 2023!

Academic Letter Program Begins Spring 2023!

Students who have achieved high academic standing may apply to be awarded an academic letter starting the spring semester of 2023.

A combination of academic achievements such as a high GPA, Honor Society membership, department awards, high AP/PSAT/SAT/ACT scores, and participation in certain academic events will be considered for eligibility to earn an academic letter.

The academic letter consists of the chenille Notre Dame Prep “NDP” and can be affixed to a letter jacket or framed. Academic letters will be presented in the spring of each year at the NDP Awards Ceremony.

Students who earn an academic letter but have already received a letter for athletics will receive an academic patch. For specific criteria required to earn points towards an academic letter, please see your counselor.

Applications for academic letters will open on March 1 each year, and completed applications should be submitted to the Counseling Department by March 31. See your counselor or Ms. Tracey Heisler for more information. 

Note: A student on disciplinary or academic probation at the time of the application will not be eligible for an academic letter.