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Jamie Walsh Wins Beach Volleyball Coach of the Year

Congratulations to our Head Girl's Beach Volleyball Coach, Jamie Walsh, on being named the Division II Section VI Coach of the Year!

Coach Walsh credits her college coach, Kristen Batt, and high school club coach, Andrew Bennett, saying, “They taught me almost everything I know about the sport and instilled values in me that I will never forget.”

When asked about her goals for the season, Coach Walsh said, “the goal was to go out and accomplish what I knew we were capable of, which was having a winning season and leaving everything we had on the court, and we did.”

Throughout the season, the NDP Beach Volleyball team had a few team mottos they repeated often. The first being, “Earn it” and the second being, “OMAAT” which translated to “One Match at a Time” which the team adopted going into state playoffs. Coach Walsh said, “We found ourselves thinking about the next match too often, so we decided to focus on OMAAT. Wrote it on a box and carried it with us to our games.”

Moving forward, Coach Walsh wants to show a strong appearance in the team’s first year of being in D1 for beach volleyball.  She says, “We are moving up into the big dogs division and I want our athletes to feel comfortable and confident, and know that they have the skills and tools to be there.”

When asked about winning the Division II Section VI Coach of the Year, Coach Walsh said, “Coach of the Year this year was really special for me because my college coach also got the AVCA coach of the year award. It was cool to get it the same year as her so that we can celebrate together. Overall, I think it was a well deserved honor and something that I worked really hard for. I want to promote this sport at NDP and put us on the map for years to come. I plan to be a long time coach at NDP and I think this year gave me a really good chance to do that. I am constantly focused on building the program and instilling values in my kids that I wish I would’ve been told at their age. High school is such a tough time emotionally for some of these athletes, so I like to tell them that volleyball is their release. Their chance to get outside and have some fun. I trust that they are putting their all into what is being taught and I want them to focus on putting their 100% effort into the program.”

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