Visual Arts


We offer Painting I, Painting II and Advanced Studio Art for students who wish to learn how to express themselves on canvas. Our art teachers challenge students to experiment with color and different mediums and tackle difficult projects to improve their skill. As a result, Notre Dame Prep has produced some amazing artists whose quality of work defies their age. For the past two years, our advanced painters have participated in the Memory Project: where they paint portraits of refugee children in poor countries, then Memory Project volunteers deliver them for the children to keep. 

Reinterpreting the Masters

The students in our painting classes receive a broad education studying the works of the "old masters" such as Rembrandt and Picasso to the latest in color and marketing trends.

Art Students hold up photos of refugee children

In 2018-19 our advanced painting class painted portraits for refugee children living in Columbia. They received photographs from the Memory Project of children to use inspiration for the portrait. Then Memory Project volunteers delivered the portraits to the children as a keepsake of their childhood. Watch the video here!


NDP students are introduced to the universal basic elements of art, and principles of design while developing their drawing skills. Students have a chance to explore a variety of mediums to practice strong drawing models and rendering realistic drawing techniques. Emphasis is placed on learning how to create strong value, line, texture, space, volume, and composition within their individual artwork. Art mediums used include pencil, charcoal, colored pastel, pen and ink, and watercolor. We offer Drawing I and Drawing II. See our Course Description Guide for more information.

Photos of student art

Putting pencil to empty paper is difficult at first, but once their image comes to life, our students experience the joy of creating something out of nothing. They see their drawing begin to show expression and emotion. 

Ceramics and Mosaic Art

Students in this class will be given an introduction to the nature, functions, and techniques of pottery as an art form. Through a brief study of history, students will learn to view and appreciate the role of pottery in society, both past and present. Students will learn the basic terminology and tools of pottery as well as learn the three hand-building techniques used to create both functional and decorative works in clay.

A display of student pottery

As God is the ultimate potter and we are His clay, our students can experience a taste of the joy Our Father enjoys when they create pieces are 3-dimensional art working with clay, ceramic and a potter's wheel to make something they love.   

Visual Arts Gallery


Meet Our Visual Arts Instructors

Visual Arts teachers smiling

Jennifer Kiraly (left) has taught visual arts at Notre Dame Prep since 2003, and she's been an adjunct professor at ASU for since 2017. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Kansas City Art Institute and her Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. 

Her favorite part of teaching is seeing kids evolve into great painters and drawers after one or 2 semesters. She believes that anyone can learn to draw and paint. Students acclimate quickly and are fast learners. Her favorie subject is teaching themes related to color psychology in advertising and design concepts. 

Ms. Kiraly has a son who plays hockey, and she enjoys modern architecture, design, dogs and the TV show Shark Tank. She invented a baby product that was granted a utility patent in 2015. 

Dr. Julianne Fondell (right) joined the NDP family in 2017. She has an extensive education background, including a doctorate in education leadership from Edgewood University in Madison, Wisconsin, and earning superintendent's license. 

She began her career as an English and art teacher at Wahlert Catholic high school in Iowa. Her career evolved from a teacher, administrator, policy-maker, and development director. She retired after 24 years in education. Now her career has circled back to her "first love" of teaching English and art classes at a Catholic high school. Dr. Fondell's daughter Tracey Heisler and husband Tony Fondell, also work at Notre Dame Prep.