Senior One-Acts

Click here view the digital program for the 2021 Senior One-Act Plays! Thank you for helping us save paper and money for this production. 

Friday, Nov. 19 | 7 p.m.

Sat. Nov. 20 | 7 p.m.

The St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center

Admission is free. 

The Cast and Crew:

Check Please: Stay at Home Edition
(Director: Jaideep Sra, Stage Manager: Arin Gomez) 

  • Guy- Colin Short
  • Girl- Sydney Keller
  • Jackie- Skylar Ortega
  • Louis- Peyton Matura
  • Donna-Sarah Lambert
  • Lyle-Aiden Welch
  • Ruth-Samantha Dobrovolny
  • Chase- Colton Holling
  • Annie- Catherine McDonald
  • Matt- Peyton Matura
  • Julia- Sydney Wright
  • Barry- Colton Holling
  • Cleo- Pilar Hawksworth

The Cast and Crew (continued):

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Relative Strangers
(Director Lauren Skemp)

  • Barrett- Sydney Wright
  • Harvey- Pilar Hawksworth
  • Virginia- Skylar Ortega

Teen Court
(Director Katie Linenkamp)

  • Tawny Linkletter- Isabella De Blasi
  • Archer Attaway- Aiden Welch
  • Odessa Permian- Samantha Dobrovolny
  • Teddy Phelps- Colton Holling
  • Norvella Watson-  Skylar Ortega
  • Harley Hooper- Colin Short
  • Evelyn Hinglemeyer- Sydney Wright 
  • Bobby Finch- Peyton Matura

Tyler Hess, Elizabeth Johnson and Kaitlyn Matura