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Summer School

Summer School 2024 registration is now open to all students!

Class of 2028 - Incoming Freshman Register Here

 All Returning Students Register Here

Questions about summer school? Contact our registrar Mrs. Cochran


Lisa McMorrow, M.Ed.
Director of Counseling
12th grade in Sts George, Patrick, Teresa, Francis, and Max
9th - 11th grade last names A-F 
(480) 634-8240

Deanna Larson, M.Ed.
12th grade in St Michael and STA
11th grade last names G-L, S
10th grade last names G-L, S-T
9th grade last names G-L 
(480) 634-8242

Cal Beneze, M.Ed.
12th grade in Sts Ignatius and Blaise
11th grade last names M-R, T-Z
10th grade last names M-R, U-Z
9th grade last names M-R 
(480) 634-8215

Rachel Lomeli
Counselor Intern
Freshmen last names S to Z

Lindsay Cusano
Administrative Assistant
College Visit Coordinator 
(480) 634-8239

Notre Dame Preparatory 2024 Summer School Information

Summer School is a great way to get ahead academically and free up space in your schedule for music, drama, visual arts or any number of our exciting course offerings! 

  • Summer school registration begins on March 1, 2024 for current 9th through 11th grade students.
  • Summer school registration begins on March 21, 2024 for incoming 9th graders.


Download a pdf of this page

Summer School is an extension of the school’s regular academic program designed to provide students with opportunities to gain academic credit, receive enrichment or remediation, and explore new interests. Incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to consider enrolling in summer school as it facilitates the adjustment and transition to high school. Summer school runs from May 29 - June 27. Our summer staff members are selected from our talented Notre Dame Preparatory teachers. Students are held to the same rigorous academic standards at Summer School as they are during the regular school year. Courses taken for credit meet all the standards necessary to meet graduation requirements. See our 2024-25 Course Description Guide.

Tuition for summer enrichment courses is $835, .5 credit courses are $525 and 1.0 credit courses are $835. Refunds are not given for cancellations after May 29, 2024.

All fees will be refunded if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Summer school is self-supporting. Courses will be offered only if a sufficient number of students register. No refunds will be issued after the summer semester begins.

All courses will be delivered in person. There will be no online learning this summer. All courses listed as summer school offerings require a sufficient number of student registrants to run. If there is not sufficient interest in a particular course, it will not be provided during summer school.

Approximately one week’s study in the regular school year is covered each day of summer school, requiring a considerable amount of study at home each day. Work missed due to absence must be made up within three school days after returning to school.

rizona State Law and the NDP Student/Parent Handbook requires that students are present for 90% of the course to receive credit. For year-long courses, students may miss no more than two class days (or a total of 11 hours) to earn credit. For semester-long courses, students may miss no more than one class day (or a total of 5.5 hours) to earn credit. Due to the short and intensive nature of the summer term, class attendance is absolutely critical, so please schedule doctor’s appointments/family gatherings/ vacations outside of the summer school session.

All rules and guidelines as listed in the Notre Dame Preparatory Parent/Student Handbook and Program of Studies will be followed. Classroom rules regarding student conduct will be established by the teacher. Students removed from class as a consequence for misbehavior will be charged with an absence and may be withdrawn from the summer session.

Final course grades will be determined by assigning twenty percent to the final examination and eighty percent to all course work. Attendance is mandatory on the last day of each semester, as final exams are scheduled for that day. Final exams will not be given early. If a student is absent from the final exam in a course, a grade of “F” will be recorded for the exam and averaged into the student’s grade for the course. 

*Not for credit; placement determined by admission profile. 

✣Only for students who have taken Algebra 1 but did not test into Geometry. Students must pass the end-of-course exam in Algebra 1 to enroll in Geometry (regular) and must pass the exam in Honors Algebra 1 to pass into Honors Geometry. This course may be taken for elective credit but do not replace a year of math for students. 


*Not for credit, no letter grade given.
**Information regarding the DC trip will be sent to all junior families. Those interested in this course will be required to go through an application process.

*The course will satisfy one year’s worth of required service hours. Please note that class times could change daily based on when students will be serving off campus at organizations.


  • All classes will be capped at 24 students. Please email or call 480-634-8238 to be placed on a waiting list.
  • Students are required to be in uniform with NDP polo, plain white polo, or NDP spirit t-shirt with uniform bottoms.
  • The cafeteria will be open for students to purchase snacks during lunch.
  • Due to the abbreviated nature of the summer school session, it is essential that students are in classes each day to earn credit for their courses.
    • For year-long courses, students may miss no more than two class days (or a total of 11 hours) to earn credit.
    • For semester-long courses, students may miss no more than one class day (or a total of 5.5 hours) to earn credit.