Summer School

For many years, NDP has provided in-person summer school to increase our academic offerings and provide multiple avenues for advancement. In the past, more than 60 percent of the incoming freshman class and 25 percent of the student body enrolled in summer school classes. The summer curriculum is designed for high school students to gain needed credits for graduation requirements and/or to free up time in their academic-year schedule for electives. 

We are committed to providing a robust summer school program for NDP students. For the summer of 2020, summer school at NDP will be delivered online due to the COVID-19 crisis. We have been working with our summer school faculty to ensure that the integrity of our courses will not be lost. As such, and due to the abbreviated nature of the summer term, the structure of online summer school will be different than the current online learning model. Please read below to learn more about our summer school program for this upcoming summer. 

  • The dates of summer school have changed. Summer school for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors will run from May 26-July 2. We increased the length of summer school to 28 days to allow students and faculty to work through entire courses during the summer session while balancing the needs/demands of students and teachers who are working from home. Summer school for incoming freshman will run from June 15-July 2.

    • We understand that this change in dates may require some families to change their plans for summer school. We understand, and all previously paid summer school tuition will be refunded for those who cannot participate. 

  • Summer school will utilize a blended model for online learning. Each day of class will include required virtual classroom time and independent work with teacher feedback. 

    • The virtual classroom is the space for direct interaction between a teacher and students during the blended online learning. Students should expect a few hours of “real-time” virtual class through video conferencing software. Attendance will be required (see below). 

    • There will also be self-paced/independent activities that students will complete between and after the in-person video conferences. This may include reading, practice questions, discussion posts, quizzes, essays, etc. 

    • Please read NDP’s Student/Parent Handbook page on Academic Dishonesty:

      Distance Learning Honor Code:

    • As members of an academic and spiritual community, students, faculty, and staff at NDP are engaged in a collaborative educational endeavor. Together, we work to create, “an environment of teaching and learning that fosters the development in its students of those disciplined habits of mind, body, and spirit that characterize educated, skilled, and free human beings.” Therefore, all members of the NDP community are expected to embrace and adhere to the following pledge: As a member of the Notre Dame Prep community, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to learn and abide by principles of intellectual honesty and academic integrity, and therefore I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.
  • Due to the abbreviated nature of the summer school session, it is essential that students are present in classes each day to earn credit for their courses. For all families, new and returning, please note the following attendance policy. Arizona State Law [ARS 15-803(B)] and the NDP Student/Parent Handbook requires that students are present for 90% of the course to receive credit. Students who miss 10% or more of the in-person video conferences will not receive credit for the course. Due to the short and intensive nature of the summer term, class attendance is absolutely critical, so please schedule doctor's appointments/family gatherings/vacations outside of the summer school session.  All pre-arranged absences must be approved. 

  • As such, please note the expected daily workload for students

  • Semester courses: 60 hours spread out over 14 days
    • One session - 60 hours / 14 days = 4.3 hours per day
  • Yearlong courses: 120 hours spread out over 28 days 
    • 120 hours / 28 days = 4.3 hours per day
  • Weighting of grades for summer school classes will be:

    • Final Exam - 20%
    • Formative - 35%
    • Summative - 45% 
  • In order to protect the integrity of summative exams, we are exploring the possibility of students coming to campus to take summative exams, including the final exam. This will only take place if federal/state guidelines permit. 

  • Some summer school courses have had to be eliminated from our offerings because the format/content of the course does not lend itself to an online format. Please note that the following courses will not be offered in summer school 2020.

    • Argumentation & Rhetoric
    • Urban Plunge
    • Pilates
    • Painting 1 
  • For those students who are enrolling in US Government Honors, please note that the Washington DC trip with a Close-Up Foundation will be rescheduled for the fall. Dates for the rescheduled trip are TBD. The online portion of the course will be administered from 5/26-6/5. 

  • To ensure that all students understand these new policies/structures, all students and families enrolled in summer school will be required to sign a contract articulating their understanding and agreement of these policies. 

  • If, for any reason, you need to change your existing commitment to summer school, please contact NDP Registrar Renee Hiskey at Please do so no later than May 15.   

  • See the registration form below. All summer school classes will need to be paid for using  Smart Tuition after students have registered for their desired summer courses via our website.