Summer School

NDP provides summer school to increase our academic offerings and provide multiple avenues for advancement.

Usually more than 60 percent of the incoming freshman class and 25 percent of the student body enroll in summer school classes.

Our summer course program delivers both advancement courses and support courses for incoming freshmen and upperclassmen. The summer curriculum is designed for high school students to gain needed credits for graduation requirements and/or to free up time in their academic-year schedule for electives. NDP also offers courses that support incoming freshmen to be better prepared for Notre Dame Prep's college preparatory curriculum. Class of 2024 summer school registration will begin whenever we are able to return to school after the COVID-19 quarantine. Current students will select their summer school courses starting March 2.

Please note: All summer school classes will need to be paid for using  Smart Tuition after students have registered for their desired summer courses via our website.

Freshman students and students new to the school are required to have a current physical.

Returning 10th to 12th-grade students will require a physical if the student is participating in any PE class or AIA sport. Physicals must be performed after March 1, 2020, to be valid for the new school year. Physicals that have been re-dated are not acceptable.

Summer School Attendance Policy:

Due to the abbreviated nature of the summer school session, it is essential that students are in classes each day to earn credit for their courses. For all families, new and returning, please note the following attendance policy. Arizona State Law [ARS 15-803(B)] and the NDP Student/Parent Handbook requires that students are present for 90% of the course to receive credit. For year-long courses, students may miss no more than two class days (or a total of 11 hours) to earn credit. For semester-long courses, students may miss no more than one class day (or a total of 5.5 hours) to earn credit. Due to the short and intensive nature of the summer term, class attendance is absolutely critical, so please schedule doctor's appointments/family gatherings/vacations outside of the summer school session. All pre-arranged absences must be approved.