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Physical Education

NDP Physical Education Policies and Procedures

Prior to the start of the school year, students must take the proper steps to prepare for P.E. 

1. Physicals and Consent Forms
A physical exam is mandatory for all 9th grade students, students new to the school and/or an AIA sport who participate in any P.E. Class or Fine Arts Dance. Students may not try out, practice, or begin class until a valid physical is on file. Physicals must be performed after March 1, 2019 to be valid for the 2019—20 school year. Physicals that have been re-dated and signed by a physician are not acceptable.

Here are the steps to get approved for your PE class:

  • Print the physical form. get a physical signed and dated by a physician
  • Click here to create a FamilyID account and follow the instructions
  • Pick you PE class and upload all four pages of the physical packet into FamilyID
  • If you need help, call FamilyID support at  1-781-205-2800.

2. Immunizations
A documented immunization record is required by Arizona Law for all students attending school. This may be obtained from the school nurse at the student’s prior school. No student will be permitted to begin classes until this requirement is met.
3. Uniforms
The Notre Dame Prep PE uniform helps students to participate in physical activity to their fullest. It consists of black shorts and an ash colored T-shirt. Both garments have a name label for identification. Every student should also keep a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants in their PE locker for cooler days.

Socks and any type of athletic shoe that provides adequate ankle support are required (Vans and Converse are NOT allowed). 

PE uniforms will now be purchased through Smart Tuition. Once your student has received their uniform your Smart Tuition account will be charged for the items. You can view the charges by simply clicking on the My Billing Detail button located at the bottom of the home page.


Auto debit Payment Plan: Payments for PE uniform will be automatically added to your next tuition payment and be deducted with that payment.

Invoice Payment Plan: PE uniform charges will be included on your billing statement and payment can be made along with your tuition payment. 

Uniforms will be distributed by teacher in class during the first week of school. Students may not wear any part of the Notre Dame Prep PE uniform in any class other than physical education.

 Each student will be provided with a small PE locker to keep their uniform and personal items. A combination lock will be provided from the PE department. This lock has a pass key entry on the back that can be opened by their PE teacher in case of emergency.

If your child needs to purchase a lock or uniform during the year please see your teacher.
Uniform prices:

T-shirt $10

Shorts $10

Dance T-Shirt (Check with Instructor for Fee)
Lock $8

Protect your belongings secure them in the locker. It is the student’s responsibility. Do not give your combination to anyone.

Set up your family ID by click the button below.

a button that reads 'Register Now' with a 'Powered by FamilyID' stamp on the bottom of it

Terry Derry
PE Department Head

Brian Fischer
Health and Physical Education Instructor

Frances Goudelis
Dance & Pilates Instructor

Tracy Addison
Physical Education
Personal Health and Wellness