What is the format of the test? What should I study? Will I need a calculator? Click below for Final Exam Policies and Formats by Department:

Honor Code & Academic Honesty: Please refer to the Student/ Parent Handbook page on Academic Dishonesty.

Student Preparation Tips

  • Plan ahead. Review exactly what will be on each exam, what the expectations are, and how much time you will have. Attend all review sessions and reach out to your teacher for one-on-one help if you need it. 

  • Set up your study space. Make sure you have a quiet spot away from distractions and that you have notes, study guides and other materials ready.  

  • Space out your studying throughout the week so that you are not cramming the night before each test. 

  • Get a good night’s sleep, set your alarm early enough so that you can eat some breakfast, & pack up your materials - including #2 pencils and your calculator--- if you need it! 

  • Relax. This is a chance to show what you know and improve your grade by showing how you have grown. Your teachers love you and are praying for your success! Do your best and let God handle the rest. 💗 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Exam Day

What about extra time testing accommodations?
Students who have accommodations for extra time must sign up in advance in counseling with Mrs. Jean, and they will have an earlier start time each day (for first exam) and/or a later end time (for second exam) and will test in an alternate location. If you have questions, please contact your counselor or one of the teachers in the ACE.

What if I am sick during final exams?
Students who are COVID positive or forced-quarantined during exam week will make up exams in January. Please contact Tracey Heisler, Dean of Academics, if you need to schedule a make-up final exam: theisler@ndpsaints.org

Who has to take final exams? 

  • Students (grades 9-12) who are earning at least a B- (79.5% or higher) will not be required to take the final exam in their core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Theology, World Language). Students who choose to take the exam will have the exam weighted at 20% of their overall semester grade. 
  • Students (grades 9-12) who are earning lower than a B- (79.4% or lower) will be required to take the final exam in their core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Theology, World Language). All final exams are weighted at 20% of the overall semester grade. 
  • Students who are earning a 92.5% or higher in a core class will be exempt from the final exam and will not be permitted to take the exam, as these students have already earned an A, and this will allow for greater social distancing in testing rooms. 
  • Grade checks to determine eligibility for exemption from final exams will be Friday, Dec 11 at 8 AM. This exemption only applies to core classes. 
  • AP and DE classes may require a final exam regardless of student grades. See your instructor for more information about your specific course. 
  • Final projects and/or final exams are required for all students in elective classes regardless of grades. 
  • Some classes may require a timed essay, speaking and listening or lab portion of the final exam to be completed in class the week before final exams. 

Where will I take my exam? 

  • A full schedule of exam locations will be posted on Canvas and in various locations around campus. 

  • Online athletes will test with their classmates. 

  • Online students who have been online all semester will be allowed to come to campus for final exam testing in a socially-distanced, isolated location in the gym. The sign-up for this will be emailed to those families who have been online all semester. 

When will I receive my final semester grades?
Teachers will finalize grades the first week of January, and semester transcripts will be released Jan. 15, 2021.