Counseling Department

Five smiling counselors

Our caring counseling staff is here to guide students through their high school years by providing academic counseling, class scheduling, college and career planning and to help students integrate socially. 

Throughout the school year, our counseling staff plans information evenings to help prepare students and parents for the college application process, college financing and test prep.

Students may schedule appointments with their counselor at anytime. Counselors will reach out to students at least twice a year to keep them on track to a successful high school experience. 

Our goal is to support each student’s individual and social development, guide them through challenging academic and college preparatory classes, and encourage them to reflect upon God's plan for their future.

Students who have questions about their schedule, classes, or activities should email their counselor first as many questions can be answered via email. If a meeting is necessary, please call Mrs. Jean or visit the guidance office to make an appointment. 

SAINTS BACK SAFELY: The 2020-21 schedules have been sent. We are aware that there might be some classes on your schedule that you did not request, and possible gaps in your schedule, due to limited space and availability. We will address second semester issues in October. Please contact your counselor to see if there are other options. Schedule changes will only be made if space is available. Schedule changes to switch teachers is not permitted. If you have a quick question, please email your counselor rather than making an appointment.  

Lisa McMorrow
Director of Counseling 
Class of 2020, 2021 and 2022 Last Names A-D

Elizabeth Barnes
Class of 2021   S-Z
Class of 2022-2023   R-Z   

Deanna Duermit
Class of 2021   E-L
Class of 2022-2023   E-J
St. Thomas Aquinas Scholars Cohort 2024

Kristin Garcia
Class of 2021   M-R
Class of 2022-2023   K-Q  

Lisa Lopez
Class of 2024 A-Z

Crystal Brooks
Director of Academic Inclusion (ACE)

Kelly Jean
Administrative Assistant/College Visit Coordinator

Renee Hiskey

Ray Cuzma
Learning Resource Tutor (ACE)
STEM Tutor