Counseling Department

Our caring counseling staff is here to guide students through their high school years by providing academic counseling, college and career planning and social/emotional support. 

Our goal is to support each student’s individual and social development, guide them through challenging academic and college preparatory classes, and encourage them to reflect upon God's plan for their future.


Good luck with final exams!

Congratulations to the class of 2022!

  1. Your final high school transcripts will automatically be sent to the college you are enrolled in. As long as you mark the college as “Enrolling” in Scoir, counselors will send your transcript and you do not have to request this from us.  These transcripts will be sent out around June 10th.
  2. Sometimes, colleges will ask you to provide final grades for orientation.  If you need final grades before June 10th, a printout of your Canvas grades will typically suffice for orientation.
  3. For dual enrollment and AP, you will need to contact that specific institution (SCC, U of A, or College Board) and order transcripts/score reports to be sent directly from them to your college. These are not items that counselors can send.


Eugene M. Sweeney, Ph.D.
(480) 634-8201 

Tracey Heisler, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal for Student Learning
(480) 634-8362 

Lisa McMorrow
Director of Counseling 
(480) 634-8240

Deanna Duermit
(480) 634-8242

Liz Barnes
(480) 634-8223

Lisa Lopez
(480) 634-8230

Cal Beneze
(480) 634-8215

Lindsay Cusano
Administrative Assistant/College Visit Coordinator 
(480) 634-8239