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Our new full-time chaplain, Fr. Bonaventure Ugwu [pronounced Oo Gwoo], visited our campus for the first time on Tuesday, July 2. He toured our campus with Principal Brie Dragonetti and Lisa Johnston, our finance director.  

“Fr. B┼Źna (as he prefers to be called) is incredibly positive and friendly,” said Principal Dragonetti. “I instantly felt like I had known him for years.”  

While touring our school grounds, Fr. Bona was amazed at the beauty of our campus and the friendliness of the staff members he has met so far.  

Ordained in 1997, Fr. Bona says he cannot wait to meet our students and faculty next month and share the Gospel with the NDP family. “I am excited to help this community meet Jesus,” he said.  

“I want everyone to know that I am not just coming here to make an impact, but also to learn,” he said. “I am open to being taught about the environment here and hopefully to make a positive contribution to this community.” 

He looks forward to ministering to our community and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those on our campus. 

“I’m hoping that just my presence here will help the people around me to know that Jesus is alive, Jesus is true, and Jesus is our Savior,” Fr. Bona added. “But I will learn from them first and meet them where they are and minister to them.” 

Fr. Bona grew up in the village of Ovoko in the state of Enugu, Nigeria. His First Communion had a profound effect on him, and he knew as a child that he wanted to be a priest and bring Jesus to as many people as could when he grew up.  

He holds degrees in sociology, religion, and theology, and obtained his doctorate in dogmatic theology from Gregorian University in Rome. Fr. Bona has a special devotion to the Holy Spirit and is already calling upon Him to protect the members of our community. 

"I know Fr. Bona will be an amazing addition to the NDP family and an asset to our campus ministry team.” Principal Dragonetti added.