Integral Student Outcomes


Students holding hands during Our Father prayer


Ambassadors smiling at Back to School Night


Helping at the Food Bank

The three R's, Reverence, Respect and Responsibility, run deep in the tradition and culture of Notre Dame Prep. They are the foundation of our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs). As our pillars, the three R's give context and define what is expected from everyone in our community: students, faculty, staff and parents. 

At NDP, we believe "All Are Made in the Image of Christ," and so we show...

REVERENCE  by Seeking Holiness
Pray and Worship God | Serve Others | Live as a Disciple

RESPECT by Loving our Neighbors
Honor our Human Dignity | Seek the Truth Assume the Best

RESPONSIBILITY by Always Doing the Right Thing
Take Ownership | Pursue Excellence | Fulfill God's Will


Reverence by Seeking Holiness 

  • Pray and Worship God: I pray and welcome the prayer of others.

  • Serve Others: I complete my Christian service requirements by serving God through my school, community and place of worship.

  • Live as a Disciple: I see Christ in all. Christ is my role model for how I treat others. 


Respect by Loving Our Neighbors 

  • Honor our Human Dignity: I acknowledge that all are gifted by God with inherent dignity and I honor all, despite differences.

  • Seek the Truth: I am truthful in all that I do, including the classwork that I complete.

  • Assume the Best: I seek to understand first, as I do not know the challenges that others face.

Responsibility by Always Doing the Right Thing 

  • Take Ownership: I accept the consequences of my actions and choices. 

  • Pursue Excellence: I give my very best at all times. 

  • Fulfill God’s Will I seek to follow the path to which I am called by God.