Our Mission

Notre Dame Preparatory is a Diocesan Catholic High School, dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence and the pursuit of holiness through the shared values of Reverence, Respect, & Responsibility, out of love for Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

To provide the highest quality Catholic high school educational experience, offering student-centered learning opportunities which develop the whole person: mind, body and soul.



We are a leader in Catholic education through innovation and visionary focus, and constant examination of best practices. We instill a strong spiritual foundation among our students in order to discern vocation using their God-given talents through a rigorous, multifaceted program of study. We promote high academic standards to form future problem solvers engaged in critical and creative thinking, who are able to collaborate and utilize diverse means of education and evaluate the moral implications of their decisions. 


We uphold the virtues of fortitude, selflessness, sacrifice, self-mastery, integrity, strength, tenacity, humility, charity, courage and loyalty through peer support, accountability and love. We provide an environment allowing students to feel safe, loved and validated in their physical and social-emotional development knowing they are supported across the community. We develop the whole person by creating a culture of active participation through a variety of co-curricular and athletic activities that enhance creativity, leadership, passion, teamwork, and physical health. 


We partner with families to educate students in the Catholic faith, so they know their identity in Christ and their unique call to holiness. We foster an environment where students can encounter Christ through the Sacraments of the Church, prayer, retreats, and opportunities for lifelong servant leadership. We encourage and invite students to become transformational Christian leaders that support faith, patriotism, and moral values so that they may choose what is good, true, and beautiful with ease and clarity.