Advisory School Board

The Notre Dame Prep Advisory School Board provides advice and counsel to our school leadership in all matters for which the executive team properly seeks the Board's advice including, but not limited to, policies designed to further the goals and mission of our school, the roles and perception of NDP in the community, and the school's annual budget and finances. The Board consists of not less than five or more than sixteen voting members. Members are permitted to serve a minimum of two years and maximum of five years.

Members (from L to R) Matt Emerson, Brian Meyer, Jim Jacobs, Nate Dominguez, Jill Platt, Ted Meyer (back), Sheila Doherty (front), Jill Weaver, Jenni Marshall, Wendy Paul, Craig Fielder (Back), Michele Phillips-Baransky, Simon Misselbrook, Oliver Badgio, Sydney Glenn, Brian Cannon, Lisa Johnston, Jonathan Fagan (not pictured Fr. Clement Attah, Statia Hendrix, Scott Jenkins)

ASB Members

Parent Members
Sheila Doherty - Chair
Craig Fielder - Ex-Officio Dads' Club President
Wendy Paul - Ex-Officio Mother’s Guild President
Oliver Badgio
Nate Dominguez
Matt Emerson
Jonathan Fagan
Statia Hendrix
Jim Jacobs
Scott Jenkins
Jenni Marshall
Brian Meyer
Ted Meyer 
Simon Misselbrook
Michele Phillips-Baransky
Jill Weaver 

Ex-Officio Members
Jill Platt - NDP President/Principal
Domonic Salce - Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Fr. Clement Attah - NDP Chaplain
Brian Cannon - NDP Director of Mission and Ministry
Sydney Glenn - NDP Director of Advancement and Communications
Lisa Johnston - NDP Director of Finance


ASB Directory

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Mrs. Sheila Doherty

Mrs. Sheila Doherty

2022-23 ASB Chair
Mr. Brian Cannon

Mr. Brian Cannon

Ex-Officio Member
Mr. Nate Dominguez

Mr. Nate Dominguez

2022-23 Member
Mr. Matt Emerson

Mr. Matt Emerson

2022-23 Member