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Facilities Rental

Notre Dame Prep facilities are primarily utilized for the benefit of our students and campus community. Schedule permitting however, we strive to support the needs of local business, industry, non-profits, and our neighboring community by renting  our facilities at rental rates as determined by the Diocese of Phoenix.


Facility Rental Information

Notre Dame Preparatory facilities are dedicated primarily to the benefit of our students and the campus community. Due to limited availability, we generally do not rent out our facilities. However, on occasion and as space and time permit, we may offer facility rentals to the broader community at fair market rates, as determined by the Notre Dame Preparatory administration.

Rental Procedure

A minimum of 4 weeks advance notice for all rental requests is necessary. Submission of this application does not guarantee a facility reservation. Reservations are based on the type of event and availability of facilities. Notre Dame Prep classes, programs, and student activities have priority over all other activities.

Please complete the form below to tell us about your event. A staff member will contact you within a couple of business days with next steps.

Contact Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
What is the mission of your organization?

Event Details

Nature of Event
Type of Eventrequired
Has this event/activity been held before? If so, share details.

Dates and Times

Example: 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Example: 1.5 hours before event
Example: 1 hour after event

Facility Requirements

Which building or field would you like to rent?
Please indicate the number attendees including coaches, presenters, etc.

Amenities and Services

Choose all the amenities you think you will need. required

Additional Information

Please provide as much detail as possible.
I have read, and understand the terms below.