Why Notre Dame Preparatory?

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Grace LeVally, Class of ‘12

Grace is our first alumna to show her philanthropic spirit and commit to a continuous gift to NDP. We are so grateful for Grace's generosity and appreciation for Notre Dame Prep.

"I always wanted to be in a position to give back and support the institutions that helped me, as well as organizations that are making a real impact, but for so long I couldn't do that. In the last year, I've become significantly more stable financially. Then, when the COVID-19 closures began, I spent weeks not knowing if the small business I worked for was going to be able to continue paying me. But as each week and each paycheck came in, I knew how lucky I was to still have an income.  I realized I was finally in the position I had always wanted to be in. I could actually start giving back. 

Going to school at NDP was a huge factor in my success to this point. It's the reason I went to a great college that I really loved, which in turn prepared me for an unknown future of big plans. For a lot of families in Scottsdale, paying for private school is easy. However, I know from experience that's not the case for all, and I want to help ease the stress for those that face a more difficult path."

Peter Danjczek '06

Peter has started a new position as Chief of Staff of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Region 9, helping Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and more than 150 federally-recognized tribes before, during, and after disasters. 

"NDP taught me the value of setting goals, competing, and integrating Christian values in all aspects of life, especially applying leadership learned on and off the football field and wrestling mat to better the world around us. Perhaps the greatest lesson that teachers and coaches at NDP taught me was how to see mistakes as opportunities to learn from and to continue to grow as an individual."  

Boy signing his letter of intent to play football at the Air Force Academy

Matthew Malloy, Class of '20

Matthew is an excellent student-athlete. He scored a perfect 36 in the science portion of the ACT, earned a spot on the Principal's List honor roll and excels at football and baseball. On Feb. 5, 2020, Malloy signed a letter of intent to play football for the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. 

"What I love about Notre Dame Prep is the fact that I feel supported in all of my goals. I don't fear trying new things because I know that I have a support system behind me. As a STEM student--I love science, and NDP is a STEM school. I'm so glad my parents sent me here. As for the Air Force Academy, I'm excited to go there and serve my country!"


Debbi Douglas
Parent of 2018 NDP Graduate and 2022 NDP Student 

"We chose Notre Dame Prep over other high schools because we wanted an atmosphere where our daughters could do it all!  The encouragement from NDP faculty and staff for students to participate in many different activities and sports is such a blessing. Our children weren’t limited to choosing just one sport or co-curricular program. They jumped right in and took on many different challenges from multiple sports, school leadership roles, clubs, and the arts. The life skills they have learned, especially time management, have proven invaluable. The ability for students to explore all their interests sets NDP apart from other schools and why we are blessed to have found Notre Dame Prep."


Sophie O'Shei, Class of '20

Sophie is senior this year and she is president of Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), founder and team captain of Quiz Bowl, spirituality coordinator for St. Patrick House and a member of the NDP track and field team. Recently Sophie was named a National Merit Semifinalist. She aims to expand our academic clubs on campus. 

"NDP has given me the opportunity to explore many of my passions--from science to running--in a welcoming environment. Both inside and outside the classroom, I have been able to grow as a person while fostering supportive relationships with both students and teachers." 



Brook Bales smiles for the camera

Brooke Bales - NDP Student Turned NDP Faculty Member

Brooke Bales graduated Summa Cum Laude and top of her accounting class with her B.S.B.A. from U of A in December of 2017. She received the Accounting Outstanding Senior Award upon graduation. Then she went on to earn a Master's Degree in Accounting from U of A in December of 2018. "Bear Down!"

Now she's returned "home" to help her students succeed the way the NDP faculty helped her while she was in high school.

"The NDP community feels like family; the connections made here last far past graduation. The education I received at NDP prepared me for college-level curriculum and taught me the importance of keeping my faith, family and friends at my core while pursuing my future goals.